Just in time for Festivale (and after I’ve almost completed my catalog) my Wii has decided to stop working.  I keep getting a Disc Error and it won’t load AC, or any other game for that matter.  I called Nintendo, and now I have to send my Wii in for repairs.  It could take up to two weeks.  And, it’s possible that my save files will be deleted.  I’m going to call back and ask them, but this may be the last time you will see Shaolin.  I’m hoping for the best though!  I’ll post again when I have an update.  So please check back soon!


  1. Argh! I am so bummed for you! If anything does happen to your save file I can help rebuild your catalogue (though not quite to its former glory). I’ll start saving flowers for you although with any luck your charm will last… 😦

  2. chloe

    This is terrible!!! I am so sorry this has happened to you!!!! I really hope it works out, I will do whatever I can to help you out and I’m sure everyone at ACUKE will too!

  3. Bonnie


    My name is Bonnie. I posted a message to you on ACC wanting to add you to my friend list, and I’m sorry to hear about your problem!!!! >_<

    I spent hours on the Festivale today and I have everything. So if you need to complete your catalog I have extra of almost everything in the Pave series.

    Anyway, hope you can get back online with the Wii soon! *fingers crossed*


  4. That really sucks. Hope everything ends up well and your save data is safe. Obvs willing to help as well with anything from my own catalogue as well.

  5. Oh my. I am sorry to hear that your wii is giving you a hard time. I hope that you will not need to lose the saved file. If you need my help on anything, please let me know. I also don’t mind helping you rebuild your catalogue.

    By the way, I had the exact same error recently too. I kept getting “disc error” everytime I took the bus to city. It seems fine for now after cleaning up the wii… I guess it’s a sensitive machine ><

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