I guess it’s always quiet before the storm… I mean Festivale…  

Today is the Flea Market!  Whoopee.  Not.  None of the townies have anything I’m interested in buying, and I’m not exactly looking to sell anything today either.  I’m kinda skipping/boycotting Flea Market.  If anything, its more of a nuisance because I had a shirt for Rowan and a shirt for Monique, which they requested.  But now they won’t take it from me cuz they are in their houses and are too busy hosting Flea Markets.  It’s annoying.  

I went thru my Prima Guide again, and I’m REALLY getting close to completing the catalog (well, the orderable stuff anyway)!  Maybe it’s time to just write down what’s left:  

  • Ranch Chair
  • Blue Dresser
  • Cabana Chair
  • Covered Wagon
  • Cement Mixer
  • Merry-Go-Round
  • Amazing Machine
  • Unknown Machine
  • Black King
  • White Rook
  • Scoreboard
  • I.V. Drip
  • Jukebox

Wow, that’s it I guess!  Maybe the next step will be to write down all the Sahara stuff I need.  Or maybe I should just be patient and hope Sahara shows up again sometime soon.  I only have like 5 items from her – three wallpapers and two carpets.  And none of them match, of course.  Well, except the Tropical flooring, which I bought from somebody just so I could have a matching set.  

Just for the record, I found Joan easily this morning.  She was just hanging out by Nook’s.  I bought one packet of Red Turnip seeds, as planned.  Luckily I revived the red turnips I had planted last week, they were withered yesterday.  But Deb used her magical Silver Watering Can and today they are bright and looking good!  I’ll wait til tomorrow to dig them up and sell them, just in case the withering shrunk them or something…

One thought on “Sunday – UPDATED SIN LIST

  1. When red turnips wilt they go back to the smallest size. I think you might have to water them for a whole week. I dug mine up the day after they revived and they were tiny and not worth anything.

    Your wish list is tiny! Mine is getting there. Tomorrow is probably a better visiting day what with Festivale. I still have a hoard of candy saved up from my last Festivale. Hopefully the bookshelf will be easy to get. 🙂

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