Pretty blah morning in Shaolin.  It’s cloudy, no special visitors to be found, not even many townies seem to be out.  In hopes of getting a little more excitement, Squirt headed straight for the city.  Of course, Phineas was there AGAIN!  Hooray!  I got an extra bubble wand.  I also put a Kadomatsu on display at the Auction House, in case any of my friends need that.  Oh, and Squirt got his hair done cuz there was nothing else to do.  Now it’s green.

Yesterday Squirt completed the charm for No Name’s town, Glitch.  All Squirt had to do was pull one weed, and supposedly flowers won’t wilt.  So today, all the flowers are pretty and alive!  No brown flowers here!  I’m curious to see if it will last longer than a week.  I have a feeling it’s random, sometimes that charm will last a week, sometimes a month.  I swear it lasted a month for me back in November.  But, honestly, I’ll take any amount of time I can get where I can skip that watering chore!

Apollo seems to be suffering from allergies.  He keeps sneezing and going on about starting a letter campaign to stop pollen once and for all.  I don’t really have allergies (not the kind that make u sneeze from pollen, anyway), so I’m afraid I won’t be joining the cause…

One thought on “Saturday

  1. Sorry your Saturday is blah. At least the flowers are happy. Unlike mine…My Saturday is pretty blah too, but none of my townies have allergies that I’m aware of. Of course I haven’t stopped long enough to talk them because I have to water my flowers. 😛

    In more exciting news, I received a jingle shirt in the mail this morning, and I have acquired an unknown machine for you.


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