The week is almost over already!  I clearly spend wayyy too much time playing this game!  Oh well, lol!

Spent much of the morning in Nookington’s placing orders, because Squirt wants to help out some of his pals!  Friends like Vella and No Name have been kind enough to drop off some MUCH needed items.  Finally the Pirate Ship room is complete!  But now I want to put a different series in there… My attention span is WAY too short lol!




I’m still pretty bitter about Savannah moving in.  I’ve been doing a little ‘hazing’ whenever Savannah’s around, lol!  Pushing her into Pitfall seeds…  I mean, it’s just so annoying that she moved in, especially when I go to the city and see animals I’d much prefer, like Lolly the cute kitty, or Al the Gorilla.  Grr!  I just can’t believe my old townies are following me.  Who’s next, Bella?  I wouldn’t mind if Ribbot or Camofrog showed up though, they were cool.  

Decided to go to the city to relax, and of course my buddy Phineas is there AGAIN!  I love this dude!  Where was he when I was a kid, giving out free balloons and pinwheels on a daily basis..

OK, taking a deep breath, and going to visit Katrina (please dont curse me, please don’t curse me, please don’t curse me):

…Oh my!  This is… epic.  (Uh oh, I don’t like the sound of this…)  I see the Gemini twins in the midst of a vicious fight…  Lying around them are twinkling chunks of stars, broken apart in the heat of their rampage…  And their fury has wrought more.  Countless black holes have been torn in space’s fabric.  My, my, my…  The stars surrounding you are not happy at all.  (Gah – I KNEW IT!) Misfortune may fall upon you…  I cannot say exactly what might happen… but I can say that worrying over it will do you no good.  Try to think positively…

And… then I tuned out because I’ve been through this song and dance PLENTY of times before!  I can’t believe I’m cursed AGAIN!  It’s like every week!  Katrina and the stupid goddess Serena must be in cahoots.  Sigh…


Walk it off, walk it off...
Walk it off, walk it off...

One thought on “Friday

  1. Hello! I found your weblog through Rebecca’s.
    I like your diaries with the pictures! I also have a weblog myself, but yours looks a lot more detailed and interesting to read than mine 🙂

    I hope you don’t mind me putting the link to your weblog.


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