I was playing last nite, and I caught a football fish, a lobster and other high priced fish to sell this morning.  It was wierd, my neighbors kept trying to convince me to trade my rare fish for some crappy wallpaper and stuff.  I was like, “No way!”

Joan was actually easy to find (for ONCE!) this morning, she was hanging out by the Town Hall.  I just bought red turnip seeds, as usual.  I’m done with the stalk market!  (If I wanted to work on Wall Street, I would.  It’s pretty close to where I live.  But I DON’T because it’s not my style to fret about prices and selling and buying.  Too much stress!)

Ooh Ruby wants to play Hide and Seek.  Let’s rip up the town!  I have to find Ruby, Monique and Apollo in ‘a totally jolly 15 minutes.’  (Those are her words, not mine.)  Darn, I lost.  I found Apollo easily (he’s huge) and Monique was hiding down by the beach.  But I couldn’t find Ruby anywhere!  She’s freaking white and it’s the middle of winter, everything is white!  Unfair!

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