Another week almost finished!  I forgot to log in as Twinx yesterday, so I only got one carpet.  Oh well!  

It’s snowing today.  I went to the city and it’s snowing there too!  Darn.  No Phineas today.  I bought the Black Katana, because I MUST COMPLETE THE CATALOG!  😛

  • Side Note:  Kapp’n is creepy!  I think he is the most annoying out of all the characters in the game!  Since I have several characters, male and female, I get to see how he talks to both genders.  It seems that when he talks to Squirt, Kapp’n is either making fun of him for going to the salon or wearing cologne, asking him about chicks and gossip, or telling him to call his parents sometime.  When I play as Twinx, he’s always talking about… MARRIAGE?  What is his deal?  He’s so annoying, I hate having to read his stupid monologues when I travel to the city!  At least when I take the REAL bus to go to the REAL city, I get to listen to my iPod!  LOL

AM turnip price is 177 bells!  Whoa!  I wasn’t expecting that lol.

  • Rowan wants some Regal furniture.

PM turnip price is 436 bells!!  Woot!  Time to tell ACC lol!

Sweet… I made 900k from charging people admission to Shaolin!  Woot woot!  Now I have enough money to pay off Squirt’s final house loan!  

Tom Nook told me that a flag will be in front of my house starting tomorrow.  Yay!  

Whoa, I just caught two stringfish!  In a row!  Shocking!!!


Yay for Stringfish!
Yay for Stringfish!

One thought on “Friday

  1. Yay! Grats on the turnip haul! I charge admission to (most) people too. I know some people frown upon it, but that’s how I got the fountain and the lighthouse. It would have taken me eons otherwise.

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