Saturday PM

PM turnip price is 34 bells.  I’m just glad this week is over!

Twinx got a bootleg of K.K. Chorale tonight at the Roost.  Next, it’s time to attempt my lying tactics on Serena!

Serena:  Umm, did you throw a gold axe in here?  Or maybe a silver axe?

Twinx said it was a gold axe.

Serena:  …Hold on!  That’s a lie!  You just chucked a regular old axe in here, didn’t you?  Unbelievable!  I mean, like, HELLO?!  I was in the middle of a spa treatment!  Ugh, just take it and go.

Interesting, I thought she was going to take it.  I forgot to take a photo, oops!  She was all mad, it was funny.  I’ll try to remember to take one tomorrow.  Ruby just asked Twinx to get a mole cricket.  She was like, “I also asked Squirt to do this.  I don’t really care who gets me one first.  I just want one!”  What a brat, lol.


K.K. Slider called me a hipster!
K.K. Slider called me a hipster!

I also logged in for Squirt, and got another song called “K.K. Song.”  It’s kind of wierd, so it works for the robot room upstairs!  I stayed for an encore and told K.K. to play “Stale Cupcakes.”  Apparently this song is like underground and only ‘hipsters’ know about it.  He always calls me a hipster when I request that song!  It’s so funny.

  • Peanut wants a dung beetle.  She doesn’t think they are gross.

Woo I caught a mole cricket finally!  I’ll give it to Rowan cuz he asked first.  WOO I also got another mole cricket and a dung beetle!  Now my chores are complete.

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