Saturday AM

AM turnip price is 38 bells.  So unfair.

  • Ruby wants a mole cricket too.  I haven’t heard any since Rowan asked for one.  Or maybe I’m so used to ignoring that sound by now…

OK time to visit Serena again.  Wish me luck…  (I’m holding a Lucky Frog in my pocket for good measure lol!)

Serena:  Umm, did you throw a gold axe in here?  Or maybe a silver axe?  

I said it was a regular axe.

Serena:  Hmm…  At least you’re telling the truth, unlike some people.  All right, I guess I’ll give you your axe back…

And that was it!  Jeez~!  Maybe I should try a lying approach next time lol!  Or maybe you have to like, build up a friendship with her?  I’ll have Squirt always be honest and nice, and Twinx will try the rebel approach!  Hehehe!

I’m also going to try and visit GracieGrace every day, so I can see if Labelle becomes more friendly over time.  There are many suspicions that she is related to the Able sisters, and maybe moved away.  There seems to be some validity to this, because she is the same animal (hedgehog?  I dunno what they are) and sometimes she says “Y’all come back now!” and then gets embarassed.  And if you have to talk to Sable every day to get her to open up, maybe it works the same for Labelle.  It’s worth a shot, anyway!

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