AM turnip price is 45 bells. Whyyy???

OK Tortimer is out of the way!  Time to meet Serena!  Here goes…

Serena:  Ummm, did you throw a gold axe in here?  Or maybe a silver axe?

I told her it was a regular axe.

Serena:  Honesty?  Huh, that’s refreshing…  Just because you told the truth, I’m going to give you a special gold axe…  Just kidding!  How’d I do?  Did I seem really goddessy?  I mean, that’s how a goddess is supposed to be, right?

I left the meter in the middle.

Serena:  Huh?  That’s a wierd one.  I know I’m a goddess and all, but even I didn’t expect that answer.  If it were up to me – and it is – I’d say I’m not so hot on that kind of ambiguous answer!  Here’s your axe back.  Take it and get going.  B’bye, now!

Hmm.  Maybe I didn’t do it right lol.  I should consult some kind of FAQ next time.  Oh well, at least she didn’t steal my axe.  I read that she does that sometimes.

  • Rowan wants a mole cricket.  Great.  I hate those things.
  • I told Curly I will visit his house at 4:20 PM today.

PM turnip prices are free-falling down to 42 bells.  Dammit!

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