AM turnip price is 77 bells.

I just saw Kaitlin, the Mom cat in my town today.  I have NO idea how long she’s been here.  She’s asking to go to Utopia, which is someone who came to sell turnips when the price was over 500.  I have no idea if this girl time travels, or plays often or what.  Doh!  I’ll do my best to coordinate with her…

Went to the city to visit Katrina, hopefully I’ll get a better fortune this time!

…I see the golden outline of Mercury go passing by Spiral…  Mercury will ultimately pay back any favor…  Mercury is often called the most dutiful star…  Yesss, Mercury’s bright shine comes from all the repaid debts of gratitude.  …So?  In essence, the stars surrounding you give off an aura of gold…  This aura glows fiercely around you…  I foresee an improvement in your monetary fortunes.  However, that doesn’t mean you should go about doing whatever you want with your money.  Throwing around your money without care seems foolish, but the choice is yours, of course!  …That is all.

Woo hoo I got the money fortune!  Yay!  Time to go back home and shake all the trees!  😛

PM turnip price is 73 bells.  Crappy!

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