Wednesday AM

Yucky weather today.  It’s even snowing in the city.  I’m going to Katrina to get my weekly fortune.  Hopefully it will be better than last week.

…Oh, my stars!  What… is this vision?  The mood is tense among the constellations.  Yesss… A highly charged standoff is in the offing.  They all scowl and mutter amongst themselves… It’s as if an epic space war is on the cusp of erupting…  Come on.  That would never happen, of course, but you know what I mean…  My, my, my…  The stars surrounding you are not happy at all.  Misfortune may fall upon you…  I cannot say exactly what might happen…  but I can say that worrying over it will do you no good.  Try to think positively, and remember that panic will draw misfortune’s cruel hand ever closer.

Ugh!  I can’t believe I got the curse again!  I’ll try to get a picture of it this time.


Cursed by Katrina!
Cursed by Katrina!

See that?  That’s me, falling flat on my face any time I run.  Good thing it only lasts one day, otherwise it would get annoying!  Although, you’re not really supposed to run anyway.


Redd sold me an authentic Flowery Painting today too.  Nice!  Now I have… 6 whole paintings in the museum!  LOL!

Ruby wants me to host a little get together today.  She’s coming over at 5:05 PM.  I really hope I remember! 

AM turnip price is 136 bells!  Ca-ching!  I gotta go get a batch of  turnips to sell!

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