Tuesday PM

I had a doctor’s appointment this morning so I didn’t play.  And it turns out, I’m going to be home for at least another month w/my broken foot.  So…  AC time!


(This is a new mini-section where I will be posting any news regarding grass/snow regrowth in Shaolin, as well as anything new from Nintendo.)

Received an email from Nintendo today.  Apparently they tried to call my house number while I was at the doctor, and since I have no answering machine they couldn’t reach me.  At least they emailed me to tell me this!  I emailed back saying to try again tomorrow, cuz I’ll definitely be here!  I wonder what they will say…

As far as grass/snow re-growth here in Shaolin, the flowers that are being planted everyday do help.  Slowly but surely, snow is appearing (small at first) beneath the flowers.  Also, I’ve noticed that since I’ve been sticking to the paths, there are teeny tiny dots appearing in areas where I have stopped walking but have no flowers.  SO there is some MINOR re-growth even in areas with no flowers.  I have no idea how long it took for those dots to appear, but they are all in a row so it definitely looks like regrowth to me.  Of course, if I accidentally step on one of these little dots, it’s going to disappear again so I must be careful!

PM turnip price was 68 bells.

Pascal was on the north bridge today.  I gave him a scallop, he gave me a Barrel.  At least he didn’t give me a repeat like last time!  He is so weird though.  Why does he talk like a hippy?  Why is he obsessed with scallops?  And why does he always just jump into the river and float away??

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