Wednesday PM

PM turnip price is 201!  Wish I hadn’t sold two batches this morning.  I’ll sell my last one now.  Who knows, maybe it’ll keep going up?  If the prices are super high, I’ll be forced to open my gates for some people so I can make some money!  LOL

Ruby came over at 5:05 PM as promised.  She was mean tho!  She said I had too much junk lying around.  All I had out that didn’t match the series was a Paper Tiger and a packet of Red Turnip seeds.  Ugh!  What a biatch.

Hmm… I just donated 400K to the Town Fund in order to get a Fountain.  But Pelly didn’t say anything that made me think I had donated enough for it to start construction.  I must consult ACC!  😛

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