Received a Thank You Card in the mail today from Katie, of course to thank me for reuniting her with her Mom.  And she sent me a really cute Music Box, which is also a lucky item!  Nice!  I need all the luck I can get!  Plus it plays the Animal Crossing theme song, so that’s fun.

Brocollo lost his house key today.  And he said he left the oven on inside, lol!  I found it pretty quickly, it was just north in the river by his house.  But all he gave me was a stupid wall paper I already had.  Oh well!  At least his house won’t burn down lol.

Uh oh, Ruby wants to play hide and seek.  This is a sticky situation with all the snow disappearing, but I don’t want it to stop me from enjoying the game!  I have to find Ruby, Bree and Peanut… in 10 minutes!

Yay I won!  It was wierd, Ruby and Peanut were both hiding behind houses, and the houses they chose were very close together.  Bree was not hiding very well at all, because she was like between two palm trees down at the short beach.  OK time to get my present!  Ugh, and old brick wall.  Come ON people!!!!!

AM turnip price is 67 bells.  There was a special item in Nookington’s today – a hamster cage!  Now I have Tyler my old hamster (RIP) back!  

  • Bree wants to talk to Twinx about “interior design.”
  • Grizzly wants a new shirt.  He didn’t specify what kind.  But he said he wanted it too be trendy, but not too flashy?  What the hell?  I’ll just buy whatever is at Able’s shop and see if that is what he wants lol.

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