Curly asked for some ‘trendy’ furniture.  I offered him the one piece of furniture in my pocket, which was a bug zapper.  He took it and was very pleased!  I guess bug zappers are trendy.  Good to know.

AM turnip price is 111 bells.  Interesting.

Ohh dear.  I was walking along the river side, right by Rowan’s house when I spotted Katie, the lost kitten.  Apparently she got separated from her mom in Cairnie.  Luckily, my friend who lives there is on all the time, so I know this kitty will get to go back to her home this time!  And I will get a prize!  Ideally I’d like the Lovely Phone but that’s probably hard to get.  Now I have to find my friend and get her to open her gate!


Katie crying for her Mom.
Katie crying for her Mom.



Apparently Rowan and Grizzly have this ongoing prank war going on, where they send each other mean gifts via me.  I just delivered a circus shirt to Rowan and he wasn’t very pleased, and vowed to get him back.  Whoa!  LOL.

PM turnip price is 74 bells.

Wendell appeared this afternoon.  I gave him a sea bass b/c the guide said that would get me a vertical track design.  However, he gave me the horizontal track design again.  Hm…

6:25ish PM:  I CAUGHT A STRINGFISH!!!  FINALLY!!!!!!  Maybe that lefty lucky cat I got last night is paying off!  It was located by the north bridge, and it bit on the first try.  Good thing I didn’t mess up lol!

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