Thursday PM

PM turnip price is 127.  I decided to sell while I have a high price again and not risk it!  Worst case scenario, if I get a super-high price tomorrow or something, I could always post it on ACC and try to charge some service fees!

I traded some of my hybrid flowers to a nice kid from “Zion” who gave me a robo stereo, as well as some modern and regal furniture to help me finish the series.  Hooray!  Tomorrow I’ll be able to redecorate my house yet again!  It never gets old!  LOL!  

I was also able to get a few out of season bugs, because his town was in May.  I got a Common Butterfly, a Yellow Butterfly, and a Diving Beetle.  The beetle was especially exciting because I think it is new to AC:CF.  It was cool, it’s located in the water (near a bridge, if that matters, despite the fact that the guide says Ponds) but it goes in and out of the water.  At first I tied to catch it with my fishing rod while it was under water, but it just ignored me.  Then I tried using the net, waiting until the beetle had surfaced and I could see his colored shell, and WHACK!  Got em!

Side Note:  I tried fishing as well but only caught Carp and other boring fish.  Guess those fish just can’t stay away from me!

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