Wednesday AM

Happy New Year’s Eve!  Shaolin is all ready to ring in the new year with style, there is a glitzy new countdown clock that is taking over the Town Hall square with it’s size!  I bugged Tortimer for a while and stocked up on 6 party poppers.  I might even get more later, all you have to do is talk to him repeatedly and he eventually gives you more.

Turnip price this morning is 114 bells.  I think I’m going to sell one of my batches to be safe, I was worried I wouldn’t get another high price this week!  

I went to Kick’s place in the city and got some great new shoes!  They are yellow and red and totally match my Samus costume! 

I also visited a friend in Japan today which was very exciting!  It looked the same tho…  but it was New Year’s already in that town, so I got to see the fireworks and the sign flashing HAPPY NEW YEAR!  Woo I’m excited for the real new year now!  🙂

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