Thursday AM

Happy New Year!


Happy New Year!
Happy New Year!

The festivities for the countdown were great.  Tortimer was pumped about the holiday and gave out as many party poppers as I had the patience to ask for.  The fireworks at midnight were very cool, I liked how the ground changed color to reflect the light in the sky.  And who doesn’t like huge countdown clocks?  This morning Tortimer gave out the new 2009 New Year t-shirts.  It’s not that exciting, it’s yellow with a cow face on the front, and 2009 written on the back.  But I’ll sport it today since it’s New Year’s Day.

The Samus costume is pretty sweet right?  I really like it!  Very authentic.  And my new shoe shine is a perfect finishing touch.  

The turnip price last night went down to 101 bells.  And this morning, the price is a mere 89 bells.  Maybe I should have just sold all my turnips the other day!

Today is the first day of a new month, and that means it’s time to go to the city and hear Katrina’s new monthly  charm!  And none too soon because I had a flower charm last month that prevented my flowers from wilting, and this morning I found many dying flowers!  I need that charm again!!!  I hope someone has it.  

Katrina’s Charm:

I have revealed for you a hidden charm that helps you receive the gyroids’ blessings…  Yesss… You must cut down just one tree in Shaolin…  This is Shaolin’s January charm…  However, it will have no effect if YOU perform this charm…  It must be performed by a visitor from another town, and it may be that only THEY reap the charm’s reward!  That is all.

Hmm.  Cut down one tree?  I don’t really like that, since I’m trying to reach 15 days of Perfect Town status.  Maybe I’ll wait til I have that accomplished and then let the word out about this.  It should only be another week, as long as everything goes well!  I just have to stay vigilant on watering flowers for the next few days.

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