Tuesday AM

Doh!  Turnips are selling for 82 bells this morning.  Sigh…  

I have my Samus costume, it’s so shiny!  I’ll take a picture later on.  I was hoping to get a new matching shoeshine in the city but it was snowing there, so no Kicks to shine my shoes.  

Pretty boring morning, nothing much going on.  Probably because tomorrow is a holiday!  I can’t decide if I should just TT to the countdown, or play the game at the actual time (doubt it) or just skip it entirely.  If I can manage to get a shirt and a party popper at some time I’ll be happy.

Oh I forgot to mention, a new neighbor finally moved in today!  Her name is Ruby and she’s an albino rabbit with red eyes.  Just a little bit creepy!  Why can’t I get a cool exotic animal like a gorilla or a rhino?  Hmm…

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