Monday PM

The afternoon price for turnips is 119 bells.  Should I hold out?  I think I will, but I really hope I don’t regret it!

In the city I visited Katrina for my weekly fortune.  They never seem to make any sense.  Here’s what she said:

…How about this!  I can see the Gemini twins having a jolly good time…  It looks like things could not be better between them…  It’s a glorious, heartwarming scene.  If only this feeling of joy could never end…  The stars surrounding you shine down with a soothing, gentle light.  As they shine upon you, they illuminate a gentleness and universal appeal.  During this shining time, you will garner support, especially from those who share your gender.  Just remember that the way you see the world may have little to do with how the world sees you…  That is all.

I guess that means that the male neighbors in my town are going to be super nice this week?  I don’t know.  As I said, these fortunes rarely make sense.  Although one time a few weeks ago she said something about the stars having money and when I shook the trees in town that day, they dropped 300 bell coins instead of 100.  It only lasted a day though.  I’m not going to try to understand these crazy fortunes!

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