Videogame Vacay Part Deux

Well, it's about a week later. I made some bold statements about what I would be doing with all of my time off during the holiday week. PS4! Steam! Switch games! And the always ambitious "I'm gonna beat a game" claims!! Here's what really happened: Yes, I played video games. But some of them were …

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Yesterday was a super great day, because the Wii U was finally released!  Every Nintendo fan who had enough money and was lucky enough to snag a preorder went out in droves to pick up their shiny new consoles.  And I was no different! As soon as preorders became available (in October I think it …

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3DS Game Overload!

As my local area continues to recover from the devastation brought on by Superstorm Sandy (many homes are only now FINALLY getting power turned on... 2 weeks after the storm!) I've been using videogames as an 'escape' from the harsh reality all around me.  Luckily for me, several new awesome 3DS games were released recently.  …

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