Pokémon Flashback Blog – Part 8

Written by Gluxbox 2/27/11.

Pokédex Completion Photolog!

As you may have noticed from my previous blog, I’ve been working hard to complete my Pokédex in HeartGold.  I am proud to announce that it is now official:


Here is a series of photos I took to commemorate all the excitement:

First I went to the GameFreak office in Celadon City to get confirmation of my success!

This certificate is for completing the Johto Pokedex.  It’s cute!

Then the dude realized that I had completed my ENTIRE Pokedex.

Here is my GOLDEN certificate for completing the HeartGold Pokedex!  I wonder if this certificate would be silver if I were playing SoulSilver instead?

Next I went to Pallet Town to talk to Professor Oak about how I completed his task.  He was so impressed.  YAY!

Professor Oak finally offered to take a photo with me!  Don’t I look great?  lol  The last pokemon I needed to officially complete my ‘dex was Celebi.  Today I was able to get to GameStop and pick up my copy, and after that we went STRAIGHT to the shrine in the Ilex Forest!

Ethan, of course, had to butt in.  As usual.

There was a flash of light and swirling, and suddenly we were on the route to Mt. Silver!  And according to the radio, we were three years in the past.

We overheard a conversation between my rival (named Assface lol) and Giovanni.  While Gio was pretty dellusional, Assface showed his true colors and renounced Team Rocket.  He’s good at his core, I guess.

Celebi used it’s swirling magic to transport us to another place and time… to a random cave where Giovanni was hiding!

Giovanni tried to intimidate us, but I easily spanked him up in his battle.  For those who are wondering, Giovanni’s team was all under level 50, and consisted of Nidoking, Nidoqueen, Kangashkan and Honchkrow.

Well, needless to say, I beat Giovanni and he ran off to wherever he goes to hide.  Celebi took us back to our time and Ethan ran off cuz it was past his bed time.  He’s a loser lol!  :PIf you want to see more about the Celebi event in HeartGold/SoulSilver, you can check out this youtube video I found.  It’s NOT from my game, I didn’t make it or anything, but it’s pretty much the entire event sequence.  So if you can’t get Celebi in your area and you just wanna see what happens, check this out:

Pokemon Heart Gold/Soul Silver Celebi/Giovanni Event ENGLISH

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