Pokémon Flashback Blog – Part 5

Written by Gluxbox 8/18/10.

Shaymin in HeartGold

For the past couple of days I didn’t have work so I used my time productively – to catch up on some Pokémon gaming!  I finally beat Pokémon XD and Grand Master Greevil!  What’s cool about XD is that after you beat the game, you can transfer Pokémon from XD to a GBA game (if you have all the necessary hardware).  So I was able to transfer Lugia, Moltres, Zapdos, Articuno and a really cool Elekid named Zaprong that I received in a trade during the game.  It knows Ice Punch, Fire Punch and Thunder Punch!  Cool!  😛

Since I was in the ‘trading with myself’ mood, I figured I would transfer some of my Legendaries from Platinum to HG.  (I love having two DS’s!  Even though my DS Lite has a broken hinge that’s ready to break off.)  One Pokémon I was excited to transfer was Shaymin, since there’s a special way to get the Gracidea in HG.  For those who don’t know, the Gracidea is a key item that is used to change Shaymin between Land and Sky Formes.

Last year there was a WFC Event that distributed Shaymin, and if you brought that Shaymin to Floaroma Town, you got a Gracidea.  But you can’t trade key items between DS games.  So how do you get one in HG/SS?  Take that same Event Shaymin to the Flower Shop in Goldenrod City!

The Flower Shop in Goldenrod City

Here you can see Shaymin in Land Forme.  As soon as I walked in, the store clerk came running over and offered to give Shaymin a flower.

Gimme gimme!

She gave me a Gracidea!  Immediately I opened my Key Items pocket and used the Gracidea on Shaymin to turn it into Sky Forme!

Shaymin Sky Forme

Hooray!  Now I can change Shaymin back and forth as I please!  In case you’re wondering, the Gracidea can’t be used at night or when Shaymin is frozen.  And if you put a Shaymin in Sky Forme into your storage boxes, it will revert to Land Forme.  But you can always switch it back!  😀

I also traded over another notable Pokémon from Platinum but that story is even longer so I’ll save it for tomorrow!  lol XD

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