Danaeryzard & Alaria: The Final Battle (Part 2)

It’s Dungeons and Dragons time! Here’s the latest installment of the epic journey of our heroines, Danaeryzard and Alaria! (If you’re new here, check out the entire saga in order by reading the chapters organized on the D&D tab of this site!)


Crystal Temple

Was all hope lost now? Drex, the leader of the Midnight Ring and the elite battle party that was in the middle of the most important fight of their lives, had just been killed by the Golden Draconian! The Sun Wizard continued to be protected by the two Dragonborn soldiers in the Crystal Temple.

“There is no time to stop now!” Hendricks cried out to Danaeryzard, Alaria, Bikira and Ezra. He raised his Greatsword to attack the Blue Draconian, but the enemy dodged out of the way, leaving the crystal slab to take the full attack.

Dany could not stop herself from looking at Drex’s charred corpse on the ground. She knew she had to make an attack, but Dany wasn’t thinking straight. She cast a Firebolt cantrip at the Blue Draconian, not realizing that he was resistant to fire attacks. It did little damage.

Alaria and Bikira were more focused and continued to attack the Dragonborn foes. Bikira sent an arrow directly into the Gold Draconian’s chest and he coughed up more blood than before.

“He will conquer you all!” the Gold Draconian managed to choke out his last words before falling face down to the ground in a pool of his own blood. Not wanting to take any chances, Bikira shot the remaining crystal slab that was behind him, and it shattered into hundreds of shards which rained down over the defeated Gold Draconian Dragonborn.

Ezra targeted the remaining Blue Draconian with her piercing arrows, and he staggered back from the impact. The Blue Draconian attacked Alaria with the magical demon that he had conjured earlier, but it did little damage. She disengaged from the demon and rushed to the side to drink a health potion.

Hendricks continued to swing his Greatsword at the Blue Draconian, and Dany hit him with Magic Missiles until he was crumpled into a heap on the ground. With the two Dragonborn soldiers down, now the elite party had to focus on lowering the defenses of the Sun Wizard. They moved toward the dead Dragonborn, and noticed that he had been carrying a meteorite metal blade, which Dany and Alaria recognized from the heist they did with Biro long ago.

Most of the crystal slabs were destroyed, but could clearly see that two crystals were powering a magical barrier that was separating them from the Sun Wizard. As they approached the barrier, Dany and Alaria noticed that the crystal necklaces that they bought at Water’s Edge were glowing and pulsating. Perhaps this was the key to getting through the barrier?

Hendricks and Ezra tried to muscle their way through, but to no avail. Then Alaria, fearless as always, held up her pulsating crystal necklace and charged at the barrier at full speed. She was able to pass through and then used her dagger to stab one of the crystal slabs until it shattered with a flash of light.

Dany knew that her dagger skills were a bit weak, and tossed her necklace to Ezra to destroy the last crystal. Ezra followed Alaria’s lead, rushed through the barrier and split the last crystal down the middle. The barrier vanished without a trace.

The Sun Wizard

The Sun Wizard was suddenly awakened from a trance. He floated to the ground silently. With a wave of his hand, a gust of wind magically sent the party hurdling backwards fifteen feet. The Sun Wizard was surveying the room, and seemed fixated on Dany and Alaria.

“I expected HER to be here,” the Sun Wizard said, motioning towards Drex’s body, “Though not in that condition. But the two of YOU, I did not expect. I heard about you from Biro…. but it’s no matter, I suppose.”

Ezra was enraged. “YOU WILL PAY!” she screamed at the Sun Wizard. He cackled and laughed in response.

“Have to give the Midnight Ring credit… Your blind devotion is commendable. But it’s time for a new era. No more of these ‘Kings.’ There will be only ME. A true leader.”

Danaeryzard was hissing with disgust at the words of this evil tyrant. Hendricks drew out his Greatsword and pointed it at the Sun Wizard.

“I always knew you were insane!” Hendricks cried out, as sweat dripped down his face. “You shall never rule these lands. You destroy everything good in the world!”

The Sun Wizard turned to him and replied simply, “I’m wiping the slate clean to create a new paradise.”

“Your paradise has no room for the likes of us!” Bikira spat at the Sun Wizard.

“Ahh… finally, something we can all agree on,” chuckled the Sun Wizard, pulling out his Great Staff.

Dany then noticed that there was a crystal slab near her that was unbroken, and seemingly not being used by the Sun Wizard either. She decided to charge up her own power by resting her talon on the crystal. Immediately she felt the magical strength of the crystal channeling through her.

The Sun Wizard started walking to the middle of the room, reciting a low pitched chant. It sounded familiar to Dany but she couldn’t place it. The Sun Wizard shot a green ray of energy from the Great Staff and Ezra dodged to evade it. But she wasn’t the target of the spell – the green ray struck the dead Blue Draconian and the lifeless body began to reanimate.

Blue Draconian

Hendricks looked on in horror as the Zombie Blue Draconian staggered back to it’s feet next to him. Once again, Hendricks began to attack the Dragonborn foe with his Greatsword.

Dany felt ready to test her charged magic power and unleashed a Shatter spell at the Sun Wizard. Ezra followed up with a flurry of arrows, and Alaria cast a Laughter spell at the Sun Wizard for good measure. He began to laugh maniacally, but then shook his head vigorously and seemed to snap himself out of it.

The Zombie Blue Draconian and Hendricks continued to attack one another off to the side of the chamber.

“I ALREADY KILLED YOU!” Hendricks hollered as he lifted his Greatsword high up and chopped the Zombie Blue Draconian’s head off cleanly, like an executioner. “Now stay down.” He spit on the headless body as it wriggled.

Ezra, Bikira and Alaria continued to shoot arrows at the Sun Wizard. The enemy turned toward Hendricks and sent a green wave of energy in his direction. Dany finally realized that this wizard was using Necromantic magic, and watched in dismay as Hendricks’ face turned a sickly green color.

Bikira was brave and ran straight up to the Sun Wizard and stabbed at him with her dagger. After all of the arrows and attacks, the Sun Wizard was looking weaker, and his robes became disheveled. The party could easily see that the Sun Wizard was a human under the mask.

Hendricks continued to fight, despite being sickly. He stabbed his Greatsword at the Sun Wizard. Dany followed with a Magic Missile attack, and Ezra shot with her Longbow once more.

The Sun Wizard took a step backward, raised his hands up, and then disappeared!

Bikira slashed the empty space before her, feeling confused and angry.

“SHOW YOURSELF!” Dany roared as intimidatingly as possible. Laughter echoed through the chamber, though the group could not determine exactly where it was coming from. Dany rushed to Drex’s body, wanting to shield her from becoming reanimated by the evil Sun Wizard.

Suddenly the Sun Wizard reappeared, on the other side of the chamber. Alaria decided to start destroying the remaining crystal slabs, to prevent them from being used for evil again.

“You are all fools! You cannot stop the inevitable!” the Sun Wizard laughed. “And I AM the inevitable!” He lifted his Great Staff to cast a spell at Alaria, sending a beam of light toward her, but the nimble Tiefling was able to somersault out of the way. Bikira unleashed a Dragonborn war cry as she ran up to the Sun Wizard and attacked with her Longsword.

Ezra moved to the middle of the room and aimed her Longbow. “You’ll never win! The only inevitable thing is your DEATH!” she cried out, raining arrows upon him.

Alaria cast a new spell – Silent Image – and created the image of She’i, their dear friend who was killed with the rest of the villagers at Water’s Edge. She’i’s image stared defiantly at the Sun Wizard with her arms crossed over her chest.

“Look into the eyes of your victim! Even in death she does not fear you!”

The Sun Wizard pulled an arrow out that was lodged into his shoulder and tossed it aside. “Your zeal is commendable, I suppose. But you’ll only end up like her,” he shrugged. His eyes began to glow red and he slashed at Ezra’s face. She gasped as her eyes turned cloudy and white.

“You can take my vision but I’ll never stop hunting you!” she screamed.

Hendricks gave chase and hurled his Greatsword into the side of the Sun Wizard, who was now visibly bleeding through his robes. Dany raised her crystal orb, readying for another spell.

“You don’t understand!” the Sun Wizard pleaded. “The world is in chaos! It needs me!”

She released the Magic Missile attack and each blast caused him to crumple down to the ground. The Sun Wizard stopped moving. The blue energy that had been illuminating the room was starting to flicker, and the whole room felt as thought it was shaking. Cracks began to race down the sides of the walls of the chamber.

There was no time to celebrate the victory – they had to get out of there! Bikira and Ezra carried Drex’s body and the party rushed out of the imploding Crystal Temple. They made it out with moments to spare, and the entrance of the temple collapsed behind them as they escaped.

The party raced down the side of Mount Doom, seeing evidence of intense battles that had been occurring in their absence. There were fires and smoke throughout the forest at the foot of the mountain. A group of survivors had formed in the grasslands, and the elite party rushed to speak with them.

The Orc Leader was among the survivors, and gave them a weak nod when he saw them approach. Hendricks recounted what had happened at the apex of the Mountain, and that they had defeated the Sun Wizard. While the victory was the good news everyone wanted, there was no time for rejoicing. Drex was dead, and the ground army was down to merely 25 soldiers still living.

The elite party and the remaining soldiers returned to the base camp and loaded what was left of the supplies onto their ship to sail back to Drachen.

It was decided that Drex would have a burial at sea, and they held a ceremony at sundown. The Midnight Ring’s mighty leader had been laid out on a wooden bed, surrounded by flowers and leaves.

“I’ve known Drex all my life,” Ezra spoke solemnly. “Longer than some of you can even fathom. She was always dedicated, even if she was cruel. She took on that darkness so others wouldn’t suffer. She made the ultimate sacrifice.”

Alaria added, “I may not have known Drex for very long, I know that she was an unstoppable force. There will never be another like her.” Ezra put her hand on Alaria’s shoulder and called out a rallying cry of the Midnight Ring.

“We must also honor all of the fallen soldiers that were lost in battle today,” Dany said, looking up. “Remember why this fight had to happen. A crazed wizard aiming to be a tyrant wanted to take over control from the Kings of this realm. But that got me thinking… why do we even give Kings… and Princesses… such power? Perhaps there is a way that we can stop letting one person have so much control. Perhaps Princess Pena should rethink her position in government…”

Everyone was staring at her blankly.

“Uh… thank you Danaeryzard. Let’s focus on the burial for now, ok?” Ezra said, trying to smooth things over. She let out another rally cry. A crew member began to play a haunting melody on a flute as Drex’s body was let out to sea.

All were somber and relieved, but also tired. Not long after, everyone had returned to their bunks below deck. Dany and Alaria were sharing a bunk together, as usual.

“Justice was finally served,” Alaria said with a smile. “Though I can’t help but feel jealous that I didn’t get to unleash the final blow. No matter… the Sun Wizard is gone and we can return to a normal life once more.”

“Indeed, that is a relief,” Dany said. But she had much more on her mind. Months earlier, Princess Pena had locked up Dany in the dungeons of Castle Drachen. Would that be what awaited her when the ship returned to Drachen, a life in chains? She would not be welcomed with open arms in Drachen.

But where would she go? What would she do now? Danaeryzard looked through the porthole and watched the waves of the open sea. The moon was full overhead and she could see many stars in the sky. With a deep breath, Dany felt more calm.

If she could defeat the Sun Wizard, there was nothing she couldn’t handle!


And so ends the latest installment of our DnD adventures! Thanks for reading! I hope you like this ongoing storyline lol! If you play Dungeons and Dragons too, let’s hear about your character in the comments! 🙂

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