Geek Out Challenge: Day 1

I enjoy reading gamer blogs when I have some free time. (If you’re a geeky gamer blogger, drop your link in the comments so I can follow you!) This morning I stumbled upon A Geeky Gal‘s 30 Day Geek Out Challenge, and I had to join in! I’m a little late to the party but that’s okay. I encourage all of my blogger friends to participate as well!

Day 1: What Was Your First Fandom?

I am very much a child of the 80’s. When I was a little kid, we lived for Saturday morning cartoons. Yes, that’s right, back then we did not have channels dedicated to cartoons and anime (forget about YouTube and Netflix lol!), and instead we had to wait until a broadcast network decided to add some cartoons to their lineup. In those days, that time slot was Saturday morning. All kids woke up early (before their parents woke up and changed the channel!) so we could go sit directly in front of the TV to enjoy as much of our special cartoon time as possible.

One of my favorite cartoons was the He-Man and She-Ra series. Starting with He-Man, which came out first, there was so much to love. A big strong prince who could turn into a super hero with his magic sword by saying, “By the Power of Grayskull!” Epic.

One of my favorite characters from He-Man was actually Cringer, his unwilling and cowardly pet tiger that transforms into the braver Battlecat when He-Man is unleashed. Poor Cringer. He never wants to get involved in combat, a true pacifist who is forced to fight against his will. This was hilarious to us back then, for some reason! People are messed up lol!

Then there’s Orko… the loveable whatever he was, floating ghost dude that always did the commercial send offs. “Stay tuned, we’ll be right back kids!”

We had a Castle Grayskull playset. All of the He-Man action figures. A full collection. Then She-Ra, He-Man’s twin sister showed up AND SHE HAD A HORSE NAMED SPIRIT THAT COULD TURN INTO UNICORN PEGASUS!!!!


A little girl’s dream come true! She-Ra immediately upstaged He-Man for me, thanks to having an awesome female hero character to look up to instead. My mom refused to get us the pink Crystal Castle since we already had Castle Grayskull, but she did get us all of the action figures, so luckily I had my own Swift Wing pegasus-unicorn to play with.

True fandom, of course, is when you must buy ALL of the useless merch that comes out for a series, right?? lol

Fast forward to 2018. She-Ra and the Princesses of Power debuts on Netflix!! I was so psyched to check out the new series. I was expecting retro charm, throwbacks and fan service. I knew the animation style was different (and that’s fine, gotta revamp for modern times, I get it) but I didn’t realize that the plot would be so different. But the new story is really amazing and I love the NEW She-Ra series just as much, if not more, than the old one!! I already binged the first two seasons, and now a third season was released just yesterday. I gotta get on that!

Just for fun, here’s a comparison of the old and new versions of She-Ra characters by Buzzfeed.

Now I just need to start collecting new She-Ra merch I guess, to show my true fandom. Any recommendations for a cute She-Ra graphic tee?? Not sure I have room for any more toy figures…


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