Danaeryzard & Alaria: A Blustery Battle

It’s Dungeons and Dragons time! Here’s the latest installment of the epic journey of our heroines, Danaeryzard and Alaria! (If you’re new here, check out the entire saga in order by reading the chapters organized on the D&D tab of this site!)


The empty warehouse courtyard was swept by winds and it started to grow dark. Then suddenly everything was still, as though they were in the eye of a hurricane. The only wind that was blowing was from within the Air Elemental itself, hovering before Danaeryzard and Alaria, who readied their weapons. 

Air Elemental

The Air Elemental was a tornado in human form, with limbs similar to a man but made from intensely blowing wind. Dany had never seen such an enemy before and was frozen in place. Alaria made the first move and pulled out her magical Wind Fan item to try and blow the Air Elemental away. The gust of wind created by the fan merely parted to either side when it hit the enemy, as though it were hitting a stone column. Alaria gave a panicked look over to Dany and darted behind a broken stone slab on the side of the courtyard. 

The Air Elemental watched Alaria move but chose to target Dany first by slamming it’s form at her with a great force. Luckily Dany was able to dart out of the way at the last second. Looking angry, the Air Elemental then turned to attack Alaria and hit her hard.

Dany cast a Fire Bolt cantrip at the elemental but it managed to blow the flames away from their target. Alaria, knowing it was best to use magic instead of melee weapons in this battle, tried to cast a Command spell, but it failed.

“I don’t think I’ll be much help in this battle!” Alaria shouted to her partner.

“Just stay alive!” Dany hollered back over the sound of the wind.

Air Elemental Tornado

The Air Elemental floated over Alaria and began to envelop her with it’s gusty form. Dany watched in horror as it completely surrounded her with wind, as though Alaria was now inside of a tornado. Alaria stood her ground as best she could as she was battered by intense wind gusts that left her bludgeoned and bruised. As she was being attacked, Alaria evoked Hellish Rebuke – a new fiery counterattack that she had recently learned. When the Air Elemental’s attack was over, flames burst out from inside Alaria and the elemental roared in reactionary pain. 

This gave Dany some relief, as she was worried that the elemental was resistant to fire after it had easily deflected her first fire attack. She hurled another Fire Bolt at the Air Elemental and this time it hit the windy enemy, and she could see the flames swirling around inside the tornado that still engulfed Alaria. 

Not knowing what else to do, Alaria swiped her new rapier in the air and tried to hit the Air Elemental that surrounded her. The attack did some light damage and the elemental shrugged it off while moving away from Alaria, turning to gust toward Dany with another slam attack. It blasted her into a stone column that did some rough damage on impact. 

Wanting to up the ante, Dany held up her orb and cast a strong second level Magic Missile attack to the Air Elemental, sending four bolts of energy through it’s gusting wind body. Small wisps of air broke off from the Air Elemental when the Magic Missile bolts hit the elemental, visibly showing the damage being done. Dany smirked as the Air Elemental roared with frustration.

Alaria wasn’t sure what to do. The elemental was too far to attack, so she tried to use her Wand of Magic Detection. Unfortunately it revealed nothing and she stayed crouched in a hiding spot, but the Air Elemental found her with ease and slammed into her. Alaria used her Hellish Rebuke once more and delivered some fire damage with her counter attack move. But Alaria was looking quite worse for wear, and doubled over as she stumbled to hide and catch her breath. 

The Air Elemental turned to Dany and used the same enveloping move to create a tornado that blasted gusts of air at her with strong force impact. Like Alaria, Dany was able to stand her ground, and decided to use her Dragonborn Breath Weapon on the elemental as it surrounded her. The fire burned throughout the windy enemy and it cried out in pain once again. 

Alaria was able to get within range to use her crossbow, and she shot a bolt into the Air Elemental. While not doing much damage, it helped to whittle away at the elemental’s health. The enemy slammed at Dany once again, and then flew on top of Alaria, moving all around her to pummel her with gusty brute force.

Quarterstaff of Eternal Life

Dany chased after the Air Elemental and smashed her new Quarterstaff of Eternal Life into the blustering monster. The eyes on the skull at the end of the quarterstaff glowed green as it sapped health from the Air Elemental and transferred it back to Dany, who felt invigorated. 

Alaria took another shot at the Air Elemental with her crossbow and ran to hide. The elemental turned back to Dany and attempted to attack her with a windy slam but it missed and smashed into a wall. The airy monster was disoriented and missed it’s attack on Alaria. Dany knew the Air Elemental must be running low on health, and doled out another heavy hitting Magic Missile attack. Alaria shot another arrow. 

Targeting Dany once more, the Air Elemental slammed at her with desperate force. Dany was thrown across the room and she fell in a heap of pain. She staggered to her feet, trying to defend her partner as the Air Elemental flew back over to engulf Alaria. Dany pounded the Quarterstaff of Eternal Life onto the elemental again, sucking it’s life force and regaining health for herself. Dany liked how the necromantic power made her feel strong.

Alaria could see the green necromantic power flowing through the Air Elemental as it was surrounding her. But the green streams of magic began to spread and the Air Elemental screamed as it exploded into a wall of wind that flew into a column and then dissipated harmlessly. 

Dany and Alaria stood in silence, panting and evaluating their wounds. They could hear West take off running through the front door. Suddenly one of the barriers disappeared, leading into a side chamber. There was nowhere else to go, so Dany and Alaria carefully made their way into the unknown room.

It appeared to be an old storage room, filled with old rotting wooden crates and barrels long forgotten and spoiled. They could hear the sound of voices behind them as they made their way deeper into the dank storage room. Searching for an exit, Dany and Alaria made their way out of the storage room and down a hallway, where they could hear the sound of someone groaning in pain up ahead. The hallway lead to more rooms, and inside one room they saw a body lying in a heap.


On further inspection, Dany recognized the body to be her Dragonborn neighbor, Bikira! She was alive, but badly beaten and unconscious. Dany only knew one way to wake up someone who was knocked out – and abruply smacked Bikira across the face. The Dragonborn woman blinked her eyes and started to focus on Dany hovering above her. 

“Dany? Is that you?” Bikira asked weakly.

“Yes. We have no time. Are you okay? What happened to you? Can you stand?” Dany urgently tried to survey her friend’s condition. It did not look good. 

“They kidnapped me. They tortured me for information about you. I – I didn’t tell them anything, I swear,” Bikira stammered. 

They could hear the voices in pursuit coming from down the hall behind them. There was no time to talk. Dany hoisted Bikira over her shoulders and the partners continued down the hallway, to a staircase that they could see up ahead. 


Suddenly, someone sprinted past them from the darkness behind them, moving to block their path to the staircase. It was West, pulling out his daggers. 

“The carriage is outside. Take it and go, or try to kill me and face even more trouble,” West said menacingly. 

Alaria and Dany looked at each other. They were both very weak from the intense battle with the Air Elemental, and Dany wanted to take Bikira to a safe place so they could all get some rest. 

“Move, West. We’ll spare you this time,” Alaria said with a hint of warning. “But I will be telling Uncle Biro about what you have done. This isn’t over.”

Alaria and Dany, carrying Bikira, pushed past West and down the stairs, making their way out of the building from a side door. They drove the carriage back to the Rosebud Inn, where they parked the carriage and decided that it now belonged to them, as retribution for their trouble. As they got out of the carriage, Bikira had regained full consciousness, and was thanking the partners for saving her. 

“Don’t worry about me, I will rest up here and regain my strength. We will get back at those bastards, I swear by the blood of the Dragon!” Bikira said before going into a fit of coughs and groaning in pain. 

“Maybe you can join our cause someday,” Dany said to her friend as they parted ways. Bikira went to the front desk to book a room, and Dany and Alaria found Ezra pacing angrily in the lobby. 

Knife of the Serpent

“Where have you two been? I’ve been sick with worry!” Ezra scolded them with her hands on her hips. They went up to their room at the inn where it was safer to speak and told Ezra about West’s little ‘diversion.’ Then they showed Ezra the ancient Knife of the Serpent, which had been safely stowed under Alaria’s mattress. 

“I’m going to get a copy made of this knife and then I’ll meet you at the pickup location at the Leaky Casket Inn. I’ll shadow you and provide support when you go to meet with Biro. I hope you two are ready,” Ezra said, holding the knife up to the light to inspect it.

“We are one step closer to ending this war forever!”


And so ends the latest installment of our DnD adventures! Thanks for reading! I hope you like this ongoing storyline lol! If you play Dungeons and Dragons too, let’s hear about your character in the comments! 🙂

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