Book Report: Bossypants

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Book Title: Bossypants

Author: Tina Fey

About the Author: Her full name is actually Elizabeth Stamatina Fey. She is a writer, an actress, an improv performer, a mother, and a hilarious person. She best known for her work on SNL, 30 Rock and Mean Girls (imho). She’s from PA. She hates wearing contacts as much as I do.

Main Characters: This was a memoir type of non-fiction, filled with various characters of varying importance. So I’ll just focus on the MAIN character – Tina Fey, herself. She is a strong woman who wants to be in control and get it all done. She cares about her crew as much as her family. She is smart and a fantastic writer. But she is also human and shares her insecurities through anecdotes and personal meltdowns about topics that almost any woman could empathize with. I loved her use of lists too!

Plot Summary: Tina Fey grew up a lot like me. She found solace in a local arts program where she met all the best people who helped her to grow creatively. Then, unlike me, she hit it big on SNL when she moved to the city and went through all kinds of transformations in her career. She learned from comedic greats and famous celebrities. She met Sarah Palin and actually liked her (kinda). My favorite part was the Love Letter to Amy Poehler.

Lessons Learned: Do your thing. Don’t care if everyone loves everything you do. Don’t feel limited to what society expects of you. Surround yourself with people who make you feel creative and empowered. Also… lazy men pee in jars in their offices.

Unintended personal lesson learned: Don’t read two non-fiction books in a row. 

Personal Opinions: This book was a fun read. There were lots of good laugh out loud moments. I would love to read more stuff by Tina Fey. Has she written any fiction? I wish I could give this book a better review but what can I do, paraphrase all of her anecdotes? You’re better off reading it yourself. I’ll give you some chapter names to entice you: “Climbing Old Rag Mountain”; “All Girls Must Be Everything”; “I Don’t Care If You Like It.” I’m glad I have this book on my Kindle because now I can just bust it out whenever I need some quick laughs.

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