My Trip to Horror Town, Japan

Most ACNL players by now have unlocked their Dream Suites and can visit cool towns, like the Official Nintendo Dream Towns for each region.  Heck, you can visit MY two towns too if you want!  I’ll post my Dream Codes in the sidebar.  (Mental Note:  Don’t forget to do that.)  In fact, in my group StreetPass Long Island, we have a Dream Code Directory where everyone can post their codes.  Dream Codes are cool because you can visit a new town without having to coordinate with the person who owns the town, you can go at any hour, and you can take home new patterns!

But have you ever visited the Japanese Horror Town??  (2600-0218-7298)

Honestly I wasn’t expecting much.  Maybe some blood splatters, vampires, spider webs, etc.  How silly of me.  This entire town tells a story and it is CREEEEEEPY!  If you’d like to experience it for yourself, I recommend that you stop reading this entry because it is all spoilers.  If you don’t care about spoilers, check out the story of the Japanese Horror Town.  (Mind you, I don’t read Japanese so I don’t know what the town is actually called or what the character’s names are, so I’m going to be taking some liberties here.)

Now, turn down the lights and grab your teddy bear cuz I am going to tell you the story of Horror Town, Santa Girl and Dolly.

When I first “woke up” in Horror Town, the first creepy thing was the Town Plaza. It was covered in a tile pattern that I can only describe as “white noise.” I immediately started thinking about the movie The Ring and started feeling freaked out. Out of sheer curiosity, I grabbed that wrapped gift next to the bed. I ripped it open, only to find a Dolly inside. “Weird…” I thought.
The only Public Works in this town seem to be these creepy-ish looking fountain statues. Everywhere. I also noted to myself that this town was split in half, with only one bridge. There’s only ONE direction you can go…
There is only one house in the North side of town. It seems like a pretty normal house. We have some mannequins representing a family having a nice birthday party. The one in the middle is the main character, let’s call her Santa Girl.  There’s a present on the table, I wonder if it was the same as the gift I unwrapped at the Town Plaza…?
This must be Santa Girl’s room. She has some cute finger paintings and toys up here… oh and look, there’s Dolly!
Everything seemed fairly normal so I decided to venture towards the bridge to go to the South side of town. Oooh, look at all the pretty roses! Have you ever had that feeling when things seem a little “too perfect”…?
Everything changed when I crossed over the bridge. Suddenly the flowers were gone, replaced by holes, pitfall seeds and hedges. I also noticed a lot of candy and sweets were scattered about. Of course, I didn’t think and just started eating all the treats. Looking back, it’s kind of like I was being lured in, like Hansel and Gretel…
When I entered the first house on the South side, that was when things started getting WEIRD. I like to think of this house as the Possession House. You enter the house and all you see is this pitch black room filled with signs that kind of warn me to run away, as well as stools and objects that are too dark to see, which means this room is actually a maze. Curiosity got the best of me, and I pushed my way through the dark room to see what was hiding in the back.
OK. Something is NOT right in this room! I made it through the dark creepy maze, only to find… a room filled with TOYS FACING THE WALL. What are they all looking at? Why can’t I see their faces?? What’s going on here…???
I rotated the camera and I honestly was SURPRISED to see these creepy eyes staring out at me!! They were there the whole time and I didn’t know…. EEEEEKKK!!!! Feeling freaked out, I rushed out of that creepy room and blindly pushed through the dark maze. Then I noticed that this house had an upstairs, and a basement.
The upstairs room was a little surprising. Here we have a random Biblical reference to Adam and Eve (and the snake). This wasn’t so much scary as it was unsettling. But that’s NOTHING compared to what was waiting for me in the basement…
A creepy Dolly party was going on in the basement!! You think there’s nothing weird about this?? Try visiting the town yourself! Oh this was just the tip of the iceberg. Like I said before, this is only the Possession House. Once it was obvious that something was possessing these freaky haunted toys, things started getting really bad for Santa Girl…
There was a massive graveyard outside of the Possession House. NOT a good omen.
While outside, I came across a lucky clover. I put it on immediately. I needed all the support I could get! Just look at this place, dead trees, brown weeds, garbage everywhere…!! This can’t be good!!
Oh and hey… here’s Santa Girl. She seems… unwell. Speaking in tongues. I’m officially freaked out now.
I entered the next house. Let’s keep it real…. this is clearly the MURDER HOUSE. Dolly was WAITING FOR ME. WITH AN AXE!!! A theremin set the mood to help me feel super creeped out. I had a feeling something else was in this room, so I closed my eyes and ran past Dolly. (Did I feel someone or something touch my arm just now?? EEEEK!!!)
The room was filled with giant bookcases, making this an even tougher maze than in the Possession House. Oh hey, there’s Santa Girl again. Screaming her head off. Totally normal… D:
There were a couple of hidden rooms in the Murder House. In one side room, I found books that could turn pages on their own, and paper strewn about everywhere. Clearly there was a lot of paranormal activity going on in this room.
Here’s another hidden room. It’s the… uh… creepy grand piano in a room with rotting wallpaper and flooring. Oh and just a couple of brightly colored easter eggs. Because that’s totally normal… (I need an adult!!!)
In the back of the house, I found Dolly again. This room makes me think Dolly was just a *little* obsessed with Santa Girl.
The basement of the murder house brings up a lot of unanswered questions. I think this room might belong to the ghost that originally owned the Dolly. The antique furniture and chalk outline on the bed seem to be evidence to that fact.
The final house is best described as “The Crime Scene House.” This house is what I imagine the police discovered when the arrived on the scene. Remember that happy family gathering in the first house on the North Side of town? Yeah, this is supposed to be the same house, only now there’s papers and garbage all over the place. Not good!!
Uh oh. Here’s Santa Girl’s room. Only this time, all the toys are facing away, and the young girl has been scribbled out of all of the finger paintings! Oh yeah, and um… Dolly still has that axe…
Finally, I stumbled into this room. Dolly and her axe… plus Santa Girl, locked up behind gates. And we have a bunch of creepy Egyptian heads staring at them. Is it too late to stop Dolly and save Santa Girl?? I DON’T KNOW!! I GOT THE HECK OUT OF THERE!!!
I ran desperately out of the Crime Scene House, past the Murder and Possession Houses and back over the bridge to where things at least SEEM a little happier. That is… until I noticed this one grave on the beach. Most likely the ghost’s grave. I don’t know. I was freaked out. I rushed back to my bed at the Town Plaza.

What was the scariest thing about Horror Town?  Obviously it was the fact that I couldn’t find Wendell!!  I couldn’t take any of these creepy custom patterns home with me.  How horrifying!!!

Even if you read all this, I still recommend that you visit Horror Town for yourself, if you haven’t already.  Definitely the creepiest town I’ve ever seen!!!

4 thoughts on “My Trip to Horror Town, Japan

  1. I see that you didn’t enjoy your trip to Aika Village, I didn’t on my first go. But I soon discovrerd there was stories based on it, Maybe you’ll read more about Aika Village and get intersted but I agree, very creepy.

    1. gluxbox

      I wouldn’t say that I didn’t enjoy it! I like creepy. I didn’t know there were stories based on it though, I’ll have to do some research!

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