Wasabi’s Christmas in July Recap

OK, OK I know it’s August.  But last week it was July, and in the Japanese ACNL town of Wasabi, Mayor Neko was busy hosting a Christmas in July Party!

To make the town as festive as possible despite the heat wave, Mayor Neko went to work decorating Wasabi the old fashioned way.  First she assembled her Santa suit, complete with Santa beard and boots!  Then Mayor Neko spent an afternoon placing custom snow pattern tiles all over the town, to fake the appearance of snow.  It was still obviously summer, but much more festive looking!

For those who want to copy this snow pattern, you can find the QR code for the pattern here!

Mayor Neko recruited Mayor JDubz to help with the wrapping of presents and dropping them all over the Gate area for the guests of the party!  Many of the gifts were either festive themed or Nintendo themed!

In addition to the presents and the snow, a custom designed photo cutout standee was set up to be a Santa Photo-Op!  Here are the QR codes if you want to have Santa in your town…



















Finally the time had come, and lots of friends came by to celebrate!  Thanks to everyone who joined in and participated!  Below you will find a photolog of the guests and fun stuff we did.  🙂


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