Week of 4/14 – 4/20

Wasabi Inaugurates Central Bridge

After over a week of fundraising, Wasabi is proud to announce that their latest Public Works project, the Central Bridge, was finally completed on 4/16!  Located in the center of town, the newest bridge adds much easier access to one of the most popular places in town: R. Parkers, the Recycling Shop!  No longer will townies have to walk across town just to cross the river.  Since Mayor Neko knew this bridge would become quite popular, she elected to have it stand out with a red brick style, instead of the common stone bridges that exist on the east and west sides of Wasabi.  All the townies are very excited for this town improvement!


Not wanting to waste any time, Mayor Neko quickly met with Shizue to discuss the next Public Works project for Wasabi.  Since the Central Bridge was quite an expensive project, the town officials decided to choose a project that was a little less intensive for the upcoming week.  They decided that it would be a good idea to place a traffic light in one of the busier intersections of town.  The accompanying photo is a preview of what the traffic light will look like upon completion.  Please see the Gyroid to make a donation!

While Mayor Neko was looking through the requested Public Works projects of the villagers, she noticed that a different Windmill has also been suggested.  She is a big fan of this alternate Windmill’s vintage style.  It is a pricey project so it has not been selected to be built just yet, but Mayor Neko wonders if she should replace the current, modern style Windmill that is already in Wasabi, or if this traditional Windmill should be added somewhere else in town.  The Wasabi News wants to hear from YOU – our loyal readers!  What do you think should be done with this alternate Windmill?

Should this Windmill replace our existing Windmill in Wasabi? Or should we add this Windmill somewhere else in town?


For those who follow the news from Kasen, you probably know that Mayor Yumi recently was on a trip to the country of Japan, where she made all sorts of discoveries and obviously had an amazing time.  There is a special DLC promotion at the 7-Eleven stores in Japan that allow you to obtain some exclusive 7-Eleven branded furniture for your AC:NL home.  Mayor Neko is extremely thankful to Mayor Yumi for thinking of her and picking up some spare furniture to give as a present.  Thank you, Mayor Yumi!  In the photo you can see that Mayor Neko now has a refrigerated food display case, and a funny/gross-looking Meat Bed!  The Meat Bed is funny because it looks like a tray of meat and rice that you’d buy at 7-Eleven and heat up in the microwave.  To make things extra humorous, Mayor Neko set up her Meat Bed in a doorway, so anyone who wants to visit the Kuroi-Robo room will have to roll over on the Meat Bed to gain access.  It’s hilarious to watch!


Unfortunately for the Mayor, this week was a bit rough for her.  On 4/15, Mayor Neko was really struggling to keep her chin up.  Read the following mini-photolog to see why!

For the entire day, it seemed as though Mayor Neko had two left feet. Any time she tried to run, she would fall flat on her face! How embarrassing!
Wanting to enjoy a bit of retail-therapy to make her feel better, Mayor Neko was instead disappointed to see that the day’s Spotlight Item was a royal throne. While she currently has one of these thrones (thanks to King), she would have liked to pick up a second. Unfortunately this throne’s retail price is ฿800,000. The Mayor’s funds are currently all tied up in Public Works projects and paying off her house loan.
Next, Mayor Neko thought she’d buy herself something at the Able Sister’s shop instead. Apparently it was a royalty themed day, since Labelle was selling a Royal Crown in her accessories shop. Mayor Neko had to try it on, but when she saw the price tag of ฿1,000,000… she regretfully had to return it to the display shelf. If only money grew on trees… If only Mayor Neko had enough money to GROW a money tree!!


To further rub salt in the Mayor’s wounds, on 4/20, Wasabi’s townie list was made a little bit shorter.  The friendly and cheerful squirrel, Agent S, decided to pack her bags and move on to another town.  Ever thoughtful, Agent S was kind enough to send Mayor Neko a framed photo of herself in her departure letter.  This seems to be a new feature of AC:NL.  The Wasabi News is not sure if all townies will send a photo of themselves when they move out, as Agent S is the first townie to leave since Mayor Neko took office.  Hopefully if you are good enough friends with a townie when they move away, they will send a photo to help you remember them.  While we are very sad to see Agent S leave, everyone in Wasabi is excited for the potential of a new resident moving in!


  • 5/5/13 – Boy’s Day
    • Meet Shizue at the Town Plaza for a special item!
    • Photo Board and Paper Hats for all!
  • 5/12/13 – Mother’s Day
    • Check your mailbox for a letter from your Mom!
    • She might send you a special packet of seeds!
  • 5/18/13 – Fishing Tournament
    • Catch the best fish in town!
    • Win a trophy if you’re in the top three!



4 thoughts on “わさびの新聞#12

  1. Oh no! Goodbye Agent S! If we’re lucky she may move over to Kasen. I have an open spot right now.

    I’m glad you’re enjoying your squishy meat bed. May it never rot. 😉

    I don’t know if you saw on twitter, but I finally got a silver ax on the island the other day. I picked up spares. The silver ax *does* break, but each tree you chop down will be a special patterned stump.

    Yumi is just about recovered from jet lag (can I even say that when I’ve been getting up at 6am?), so she may soon regale with tales from Japan.


  2. I really like the old-fashioned windmill, myself. Both would be a great option if possible.

    Oh no, Agent S is gone? I’ve never had her as a neighbor but think she’d be awesome! I still miss Coco! What a fool I was by TTing!

    As a 20+ year veg-head, I would find it gross to roll over your bed, but still, I would do it–if only I had CL:NL! Soon, I hope! I’m considering pre-ordering the 3DS-XL AC:NL package as a late birthday present to myself (and celebration of my new job at IKEA). We’ll see…

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