Visiting オㇾントィロ!

Mayor’s Log


Today I made a journey to another village.  The Mayor is a really awesome and friendly guy named みくる (Mikuru) and the name of his village is オㇾントィロ (Orantoiro).  I couldn’t wait to visit his town!  I took a ton of photos so I think today I will stick with a photolog format.

Now arriving in Orantoiro!
Our customary “whack each other with a net” greeting.
Some people like to leave their holiday decorations up as long as possible! lol
Admiring his framed photos… and is it just me or does that fish back there look like the Pokemon Gorebyss???
Wow look at all his dinosaurs!
So much gold furniture… and cool Snowman Bingo prizes too!
Mikuru’s Balloon Room – Plus three mannequins!
He gave me some bamboo shoots that I can plant in Wasabi!
Visiting Booker in the Police Station. Check out that black Pitfall Seed in the back!
This bench looks more like modern art!
Net fights in the fancy strip mall of Orantoiro!
Gyroids for days!!

I had so much fun visiting Mikuru!  It was just like we were old friends.  (wink wink)

Being that it was Sunday, I did also pick up some more turnips for the stalk market.  Joan’s price was a ridiculous ฿110 per turnip… I found it hard to control my emotions.

Maybe if we get that nightclub constructed, I’ll be able to express my emotions in a less violent way!  She better not tell my residents about this.  I don’t need a political fiasco on my hands.


Today I found a lovely pink rose hybrid!  I guess Teddy is taking good care of the roses I planted by his house.

The bamboo that I got from Mikuru is growing in nicely.  I plan to have bamboo growing all around the Town Plaza… for now, anyway.

I always try to remember to pick up the fortune cookie at the Nook’s Sons Shop, but it’s not always very note-worthy.  But today I got a cool Midna’s Mask helmet to wear!  Sweet!

I’m gonna stick with my Native American headdress for now though, because I like wearing costumes!  If only I had some moccasins…

What a coincidence!  It just so happens that a certain shop is being built in the strip mall today!  I think construction will take a few days, but I do believe the Shoe Shank shop will be opening here very soon!  They better have some moccasins for me!  😛

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