The Fishing Debacle

Mayor’s Log


Excitement was in the air when I woke up today!  The Fishing Tournament was in full swing!  I wasn’t exactly sure how this was going to work.  I figured I’d just start fishing and try to catch the biggest fish I could.

I took my hoard of fish to the Town Plaza, where a blue tent was set up, and some kind of large Beaver was strutting around like he was in charge.  (Umm… excuse me, but I’M the Mayor around here!)  I gave him fish after fish, and all he did was gobble them up and burp in my face.

I knew I had to be missing something.  I tried talking to the Beaver but I couldn’t quite figure out what I was missing.  Luckily for me, Yumi logged on and since we set each other as BFF’s, we can text each other without even being in the same town.  I asked how her Fishing Tournament was going, and she said that she had to catch Horse Mackerels.  Oops.  I’d been fishing in the river all morning, but Horse Mackerels are in the ocean!  After double-checking with the Beaver to see if in fact that was what I was supposed to be doing (I looked up how Horse Mackerel was spelled in Japanese and sure enough, that’s one of the words that the Beaver kept saying to me!) I rushed down to the beach.  The score to beat was 45.0 cm – the record holder was Teddy.

I caught fish after fish.  36 cm.  39.2 cm.  UGH!  I finally caught one that was 44.8 (so close!) and figured I might as well submit that for the time being and at least try to secure 2nd place.  But I wasn’t going to quit there.  I fished all afternoon, and you can imagine how excited I was when I finally pulled up a Horse Mackerel that was 47.1 cm!  When I showed my prize submission to the Beaver, he must have said something along the lines of, “Oh yeah that’s great but [Stupid Ugly Horse Boy] just submitted a Horse Mackerel that is 47.1 cm and he is in first place.”  I thought, that’s not very fair!  He’s in first place, but my fish is the same size!

The clock was ticking.  I continued to try for a bigger Horse Mackerel but to no avail.  After 6PM, I nervously peeked into the blue tent to see the awards ceremony.  They wouldn’t possibly treat the Mayor this way, would they?  Sticking me in 2nd place because I caught the same size fish only minutes after Stupid Ugly Horse Boy??

The moment of truth had come.  In third place, with a 45.0 cm Horse Mackerel…

In second place…

(Me.)  I tried to appear as gracious as I could while I accepted my Silver Fishing Trophy.

Of course, that meant that Stupid Ugly Horse Boy was the winner.

He got a Gold Trophy, confetti, rounds of applause… the works!  I felt completely duped.  Sure, I might be perceived as being a sore loser… but I’d worked so hard!  And I’m the MAYOR dangit!!

I had a plan.  An immature, selfish plan, but a plan.  I waited outside Stupid Ugly Horse Boy’s house when it got dark.  As he walked by, all smug and unsuspecting…

Revenge is sweet.


Today was mostly a quiet day.  I assume word got out about my attack on Stupid Ugly Horse Boy.  When we gathered around for the latest Public Works Completion Celebration (I’d paid for a cute little Photo Board which I placed right by the Train Station), only a measly 3 townies attended.

OK fine.  It’s probably a sign that the residents of Wasabi don’t appreciate their Mayor attacking citizens, regardless of the reason.  Point taken.  I resolve that from now on, I will try to be as objective as possible.  I will not beat up townies just because they beat me in a tournament.  Fair is fair.

Sigh….  Luckily I discovered an Island Tour that involves running around and beating up some weird robot.  I’ll just have to take out my aggression on that next time!

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