Getting Psyched About Kid Icarus!

Kid Icarus: Uprising

A brand new 3DS game is coming out next week – Kid Icarus: Uprising!  It’s release date is 3/23 and there are quite a few launch events going on in NYC for this game.  Unfortunately I probably won’t be able to go to these events (stupid work!).  Honestly, at first I wasn’t even going to get the game.

However, my mind has been COMPLETELY changed in the past week.  So much hype and details are being revealed that make me feel a lot better about this game.  Here’s my Gripe VS. Hype list:

  • Gripe 1 – Kid Icarus is lame!  He sucked in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, I hated using his character!
  • Hype 1 – Kid Icarus hasn’t been in a game (other than SSBB) since 1991.  It’s time to give him another chance.  He’s bad-ass, he flies, he’s got a huge arsenal of weapons!  What’s not to like?
  • Gripe 2 – Touch-screen controls??  I hate using the stylus to control my game.  Seriously.
  • Hype 2 – Kid Icarus: Uprising has fully customizable controls!  If you don’t want to use the touch-screen to aim, you don’t have to!  Click here for a Japanese video which explains this fact.  In Japanese.
  • Gripe 3 – What’s the big deal with all these AR cards?
  • Hype 3 – Kid Icarus: Uprising comes packaged with 6 randomly selected AR cards.  In addition, Club Nintendo has an offer to get 3 free exclusive AR cards for this game.  (North America only, sorry!  NoE has an option for these cards too, but I think you have to redeem stars for them.)  More AR cards are going to be available from Nintendo Power Magazine, the Nintendo World Store, and other upcoming events!  You can trade cards with friends too.  Cool!

So pretty much every problem I initially had with the game has been resolved.  I think I’m going to try and finish up PokePark 2 this week, and then trade it in for Kid Icarus: Uprising.  I’m sold on the game now – there aren’t that many 3DS games to be psyched about, but Kid Icarus is a promising option!  I need a good battling/action game (other than Ocarina of Time) in 3D, and I like how this game will use the other features of the 3DS, such as the AR cards and StreetPass.

What do you guys think about Kid Icarus: Uprising?  Are you going to get it?

One thought on “Getting Psyched About Kid Icarus!

  1. I’ll be looking out for reviews once it comes out. If my girlfriend picks it up, I might even get to play it!

    I’m happy that some of your issues seem to have been resolved. I am hopeful that the AR tech will one day find its way into other games like Pokemon and Prof. Layton.

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