Finally Some ACCF News!

When this blog was first created back in 2008, this site was called the Shaolin Town Blog, and was dedicated solely to my Animal Crossing City Folk town.  For a long time it went on this way, until I basically beat the game and didn’t have much to write about.  (Sad.)  Obviously now I decided to branch out and write about other games too, since ACCF is kind of ‘old news’ these days.  HOWEVER – the fun is not over yet!

I thought there wasn’t going to be any new DLC for ACCF, since AC3DS was supposedly going to be released ‘soon.’  Well, that hasn’t happened yet, and I guess the Animal Crossing developers felt kinda bad.  I’ve received intel from Vella that there will be new DLC for ACCF!

The fine print:  The new DLC is only slated to be released in Japan (as of now).  The new DLC won’t be released until June 2012 and will continue bi-weekly until the end of October.

Here’s a preview of what the new DLC is going to be!  It’s a cool, new Halloween theme!

More DLC Pictures!

As you can see, there are some pretty kickass looking creepy DLC items coming to ACCF!  A skeleton, a crystal ball, a tombstone?!  These items certainly look cooler than the regular Jack series that you get on Halloween.  Yay!  You might also notice some ‘not so new’ items like the Mush Hanger and Jingle TV.  Why are they there?  I’ll tell you!  Those two items were originally released for NoE, so we could only get those DLC items from our European friends.  However, according to the ACCF Wiki DLC Page, what was previously NoE DLC is coming to Japan [and hopefully North America] this year!  (I mean, sure we all probably already have those items, but still, any one-on-one encounter with Pete is welcomed by me!  lol)

So if you’re in North America, right now we can get the Pavé Clock that was normally only released in Europe.  Log in and see Pete, and do some catching up in ACCF!

One thought on “Finally Some ACCF News!

  1. Neato! I can’t wait!!! Thanks for the news. I made a haunted house room in Bamette’s house with all the creepiest things I’ve found in ACCF. I started with the old carpet and wallpaper you get from the residents when Sahara visits. Then I added the mushroom stuff I collected (that horrible chair!), the “visible” man, a scarecrow, a T-Rex facing the bed, and for music, the KK Dirge, the creepiest song! It turned out pretty fun…

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