3DS Ambassador Games

The 3DS Ambassador games are officially available to all qualified 3DS owners, and have been since Friday.  These long-awaited titles in the second group of Ambassador games are all GBA games.  I haven’t played them all yet but WOW!  There is a great assortment of titles – some I’ve never played before, others that are old favorites that I am so happy to play on my 3DS!

So far the game I’ve been focusing on is “Legend of Zelda:  The Minish Cap.”  It’s such an in-depth game, and I was especially interested in it because I’d already downloaded the Four Swords multiplayer version of this game.  Having the full single player game as well makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside!  😛  It’s so cute when Link shrinks down to Picori size – I only wish they’d made this game a 3D Classic instead of a Virtual Console game!  But that’s ok, it’s still fun.

My second favorite title that was released in this batch is “Super Mario Land 3:  Yoshi’s Island.”  I had this game for SNES a million years ago, and now I finally have a reason to get rid of my old Yoshi’s Island cartridge!  The art style of this game is really adorable and who doesn’t love playing a game with a crying, diaper-wearing Baby Mario?

If you are a 3DS Ambassador and haven’t downloaded these games yet… what are you waiting for?

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