Mario Kart 7

Lots and lots to report today!

First of all, if you didn’t already know, Mario Kart 7 was just released in North America!  It’s a 3DS game and I am a proud owner.

Mario Kart 7

I got the game earlier today and have played it for a few hours already!  I got gold medals in all 8 Grand Prix cups on the 50cc level.  Half way through achieving gold on 100cc now!  I also got the guide for this game so if you are stuck or need help, I’d be glad to look something up!  🙂

The new levels are REALLY beautiful.  There are some really cool features, like hang-gliding and driving underwater.  I also really like how the game developers chose different retro boards to include from the older MK games, instead of the same old Rainbow Road and Mario Circuit.  If you like any of the previous Mario Kart installments, be sure to pick this up!  It’s a ton of fun!

There are some other exciting news updates I want to include today.  First of all, for all you Pokémon players, there are some new free furniture items for the Pokémon Dream World.  Simply log in to the PGL and find the Holiday theme decor promotion.  The password is NPWINTER.

Holiday Dream World Decor

That’s not all!  I meant to post this a while ago, but we have some awesome news for ANIMAL CROSSING!!!  Here is a quote from November’s issue of Nintendo Power:

In addition, the company released some new images from Animal Crossing, Luigi’s Mansion 2, and Paper Mario.  Little new information on those titles was offered, aside from the fact that Animal Crossing will incorporate SpotPass features, plus allow players to serve as the village chief for the first time in franchise history.  (Hopefully that means we’ll finally get the chance to bring nefarious kingpin Tom Nook to justice!)

ZOMG!  We can be the mayors of our new Animal Crossing towns!  How cool!  But what happened to Tortimer?  Is he… ok?  Maybe he retired.  Anyway, if that wasn’t enough of a teaser for you, a new VIDEO has surfaced with some information and insights on the new Animal Crossing game:

Before I go, there’s another important tidbit for all you 3DS users.  A big system update is scheduled for Thursday, 12/8.  There will be some improvements to the eShop, as well as 3D video capability and some additions to the StreetPass feature.  I’ll try and post an entry about that when it happens.  Until then… happy gaming!

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