Kirby Mass Attack!

Kirby's VS Minx
Kirby's VS Minx

For those who don’t know, there’s a new Kirby game out for Nintendo DS.  It’s called “Kirby Mass Attack” and it’s really cute!  I picked it up last week when I was at Toys R Us for the Zoroark event.  (Got my snarlin’ Zoroarks but I haven’t actually picked them up in the game’s PokeCenter yet.  All in good time!)

This new Kirby game was released on 9/19, just in time to get everyone back in the puffball mood.  I know I am!  This is leading up to the much anticipated release of “Kirby’s Return to Dream Land” which is the newest Wii platform game, coming out on 10/24.  And what do you know, that’s the same release date as “Pokémon Rumble Blast!”  Guess I’ll be picking up two games that day!  Also in the forecast is “Harvest Moon:  Tale of Two Towns,” coming out on 10/12.  I hope I don’t have to work too much so I’ll have time to play all these games!  🙂

Well Kirby Mass Attack is what I’m playing now and the game is REALLY fun.  It uses classic Kirby style graphics and bright colors.  The game controls are very similar to “Kirby Canvas Curse.”  But the main difference between Mass Attack and other Kirby games is that your goal is to obtain and control up to ten mini-Kirby’s at one time!  The story tells that Kirby had been attacked and was separated into miniature versions of himself.  You’d think that all these Kirby’s would make the game easier, but it’s often a puzzle in itself.  I find myself controlling some Kirby’s to move an object, while other Kirby’s run to retrieve precious fruits and gold coins.  They need to work together as a team in order to succeed and it’s no cake walk!

I’ve only made it up to Level 3 so far but I’m really enjoying the game and I’d definitely recommend that everyone check it out!  If you’d like some more info, visit the Mass Attack Website!  And if you’re wondering why I posted a picture of my cat Twinkie being attacked by several Kirby’s, and maybe you’re also wondering how you can do that to your photos too, visit the Kirby Smashifyer!

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