Snarling Zoroark

Bad Ass Zoroark Fan Art
Bad Ass Zoroark Fan Art

Zoroark is a pretty sweet Pokémon.  He is a master of illusion.  If you are lucky enough to have obtained the special Shiny Beasts in HeartGold/SoulSilver, then you were able to see Zoroark do his thing in Black or White.  Basically, what happens is you put a Shiny Suicune (or Entei or Raiku) in your party at the correct area of Black or White.  Go to a woman who normally doesn’t speak… but she will battle you.  Her Pokémon will look like a Shiny Beast as well – that is until you hit it with an attack!  Then you will find out that the Pokémon was really Zoroark all along!  He can disguise himself as any Pokémon, which is pretty cool!

If you captured that Zoroark in the game, you might think you’re all set.  WELL YOU’RE WRONG!  Hahaha.  A newer, specialer Zoroark is being given away for free from Toys R Us stores all across the USA!  Here, check out the details.

So get off your computer and go to Toys R Us, starting this Sunday!  Zoroark will only be available from the 18th – 25th of September.  This Zoroark knows the move Snarl, which it normally wouldn’t have learned in ‘the wild.’  I don’t know what this Snarl move does exactly, but who WOULDN’T want an exclusive Pokémon with an exclusive move?  I know I wouldn’t risk missing out.  😛

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