It’s Video Games Day!

Huzzah!  Guess what folks?  It’s Video Games Day!  Apparently in the USA (or North America?  I don’t really know.) today is a national holiday celebrating gaming!  Who knew?

Now the REAL question is… how to celebrate?  Do you go on a marathon gaming spree playing one game for 6-8 hours straight?  Nintendo wouldn’t recommend that if you’re playing a 3DS by the way!  (You’re eyes will cross and explode in their sockets.)  What about playing every game that you own for 20 minutes?  Or maybe you can celebrate by going to GameStop, Toys R Us or whatever, and buying as many games as your bank account can afford?  Everyone has their own special way of celebrating Video Games Day!  But the important thing is to play your games with pride and without hesitation!

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