DLC Surprise!

It’s true, I haven’t played AC very often in the past month.  But recently I started playing a bit, since my sister is back from Florida and can now WIFI again!  I went to visit her town, Funville, last weekend and we both had bed head!

Bed Head!

Her town is so cute and… well, under-developed.  Cuz she doesn’t play that much.  Maybe calling her out like this in my public blog will get her butt in gear!  Lay down some path patterns, Rachel!!  😛  I planted a pink carnation by my other sister’s (Melissa) house, as she just started up a character in Funville recently.  Hopefully I will get Melissa’s friend code too!  😀  Anyway we decided to go back to Shaolin cuz I had some DLC shirt patterns that Rachel wanted to pickup from Able’s.  I also bought her a Kapp’n Cap while she was visiting.  Then she fell in a pitfall!  MUAHAHAHAHA!!!


Yesterday, I turned on AC just cuz I was bored.  It was worth it because waiting outside of Squirt’s door was none other than Pete the Pelican!  He was delivering a surprise letter from Nintendo!  I hadn’t seen Nintendo’s “This Month in Animal Crossing” July video on the Nintendo Channel so I just kinda forgot about it.  And so I was delighted to find a brand new DLC sent to my Wii!  Here’s the letter:

Letter from Nintendo

Icecream!!  YAY!  I was hoping this banana split would be in hat form, much like last year’s Hot Dog Hat.  And I was right!  BOO-YAH!  Wanna see the Banana Split Hat in action?  Of course you do.

Banana Split Hat

Now I feel like I need to resurrect my old barbeque themed room that I had last summer.  Better head over to Nook’s and start ordering crap…

I’m thinking that I will open the Shaolin Gates sometime this weekend so people overseas can come pick up this new US DLC.  Does anyone want to come?  Let me know!  😀

2 thoughts on “DLC Surprise!

  1. I want to come for sure!

    Name: Marissa
    Town: Arcadia
    ACCF: 0388-6711-8561

    My AIM screename is rissehh incase it’s easier to contact me when you’re available to play.

  2. Hey, I loveee your blog! I used to read it allll the time so I hope you’ll keep updating! I’d love to visit you sometime or you visit me 🙂

    Name: Mandy
    Town: Beachy
    ACCF: 5113-5866-9949


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