DLC Costume Fun!

Helloooooo out there in Animal Crossing land!  Anyone still out there anymore?  lol!  Sorry I haven’t posted in a while.  Frankly, I’m a little disappointed in myself for forgetting to post about last month’s DLC.  I’ll get to that in a minute.

Before I start my entry about the LOVELY DLC Costumes that were released lately, it’s time for some Animal Crossing News!  If you’re living under a rock, you might not know about the E3, which has been going on all week.  Nintendo had a big presentation on Tuesday regarding their upcoming games and more importantly their newest console, the 3DS, which I’m expecting they will release in the USA by Fall of 2011.  (This is not an official date.  I just made it up based on the tentative release date of Pokemon Black and White… which are being released specifically for the 3DS.)  ANYWAY.  They didn’t show any video or mention this at all during their keynote, but the E3 website is showing some screenshots for the NEWEST ANIMAL CROSSING GAME!!  Click here and follow my instructions.  Scroll down towards the bottom (after you’re done drooling over the prospect of playing games in 3D of course) and click Nintendo Titles.  From the submenu, click on Animal Crossing!  There you can find 7 screenshots of the newest installment of our favorite series!  Based on what I could see in the pictures, it appears that we will be able to change our character’s pants/skirt to match our tops.  Hopefully that’s the first of many upgraded features in this new game!  There’s no release date of course.  Cuz they want us to suffer!  lol

OK back to today’s blog entry!  I will have to backtrack to May because I apparently forgot to blog about the DLC we received in America!  If I’m not mistaken, the Guard’s Uniform is the first US DLC to be released with TWO parts – a hat AND a shirt pattern.  Both Pete and Wendell accosted me and brought me the new items.  Of course, オレンジ and I had arranged to meet up so I could share the new DLC with him.  Also I wanted to have a mini photo shoot with the OFFICIAL Shaolin Guards.  We became honorary members!  Check out how cute we are!

Shaolin Guards!

Copper seemed to like how we were trying to dress up like him and his buddy.  Booker… wasn’t paying attention.  As usual.  What a space cadet!  Sometimes I wonder about trusting him with the important job of…  telling me what’s new.  And the lost and found.  Seems like too much responsibility for someone who’s mentally ‘checked out’ all the time lol!  Needless to say, King Squirt has since changed his name to Royal Guard Squirt, Defender of Shaolin!

About a month passed without any new DLC items.  Then, this past week, things changed!  In South Korea, new DLC was released in time for the World Cup!  I can’t tell you what the hat and pattern are officially called, because I don’t know how to read Korean.  I can barely read Japanese!  Gimme a break here.  😛  But here’s a photo of オレンジ, Vella, and me modeling the new apparel!


I’m not entirely sure what the “horned hat” has to do with the soccer jersey exactly.  But it’s really cute and I had big plans for mine!  But before I get into that, there was more DLC to be had!  Just today in Japan, a new DLC was distributed as well.  It is called つのかくし (Tsunokakushi).  It is a traditional Japanese Wedding headdress.


Unfortunately, none of us remembered to wear a Kimono to match the Tsunokakushi.  And Squirt makes for one fugly looking bride!  lol  Anyway, we had a lot of fun catching up with オレンジ, and he was very nice and let me take more gyroids and fossils back to Shaolin!  Huzzah!  ありがとうね オレンジーさん!

Back in Shaolin, I decided to give the newly acquired DLC to some of my other characters.  For Dan, the horned hat, which perfectly matches his New Jersey Devils hockey jersey!  Now he looks creepier than ever!  😛

Devil Dan

Meanwhile, my alter ego Deb is the character with the Japanese themed house.  So it only seemed fitting to let her have the Tsunokakushi.  Especially since Deb is the fashionista who has all the GracieGrace fashions, including the Cake Shirt!  So Deb looks like an OFFICIAL Japanese Bride!  Cute!

Japanese Bride

Well, as official as a Japanese Bride can look while wearing cucumber slices, that is.  Anyway, it was a lot of fun to WIFI with my friends again, and I’m glad new DLC keeps us coming back to AC:CF, even when we aren’t playing regularly anymore!  But I can’t wait to play the new 3DS AC next year, when everyone is excited about Animal Crossing again!  And don’t worry, even if Nintendo decides to be jerks and NOT include the ability to take screenshots in the new 3DS version, I will take photos w/my digital camera and post them here on the Shaolin Blog!  I might not blog very often lately, but that doesn’t mean I’m ever gonna close this website!  😀

2 thoughts on “DLC Costume Fun!

  1. awww the guard pic is soooo cute! I still think that if you don’t know what it is it looks like a santa suit though. ww

    I love how two of the three “brides” are male. What kind of weddings are we having there? They should be PC and release groom things too because you’re right, Squirt is not a very attractive bride. 😉 Deb however is (even if she is killing cockroaches in her bridal attire).

    I’m not playing much at all, but I still have fun wifiing with everyone. I’ll try to make it to more of the DLC swaps. If I put it in my Calendar I can remember it. lol. I must be getting old. I need alarms to play AC.

  2. Zimio2 (Jesse of TomuTomu)

    OMG haiiiiiiiiiiiii! Remember me? We wi-fi’d once. I love the 3DS, but when I saw the animal crossing screenshots I was kinda dissapointed. They all look WAY too tall, like they are stuppost to be mimicing basketball players or something.

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