Spring is Near!

Greener Palms

A few nights ago, King Squirt was walking along the beach.  He did a double take – were his eyes playing tricks on him?  The palm trees were looking greener!  I took this photo, and then MySims Agents arrived in the mail.  So I didn’t play ACCF for a few days!  (gasp!)  MySims Agents was an AWESOME game, but like all MySims games, it’s rather easy and I beat it really quickly.  Now I’m back in ACCF mode!  I logged in for the first time in a few days and I was SHOCKED!  The snow had melted while I was gone!

Brown flowers. Joy!

To be honest, I was kind of hoping that the flowers would have died out by the time I logged into ACCF again.  But no, the flowers were mostly still around – albeit, they were 80% wilted!  So I watered the hybrids and most of them should survive.  I found it even more surprising that Peaches still hadn’t left Shaolin!  But, when King Squirt visited Peaches’ house, everything was packed up and ready to go.  I guess she was just waiting for me to log in again before departing?

Bye Peaches!

Now, the snow may have melted, but spring hasn’t quite started yet either.  I’m pretty sure the spring bugs won’t start coming out until it’s official March 1st.  Here’s a list of all the new stuff that will be happening in the coming month.

I’d just like to REMIND all of you that there’s still TWO DAYS left to get your entries in for the Mr. Snowman Snowslam Competition!  See the CONTEST tab at the top of this blog for more information!  The contest ends at 11:59 PM on 2/28, so look through your old winter photos and submit a great snowman pic!  🙂

There’s a bit of AC related news to share before I go.  You may or may not know that the Korean version of Animal Crossing was recently released.  Since then, there was a Korean holiday in which the [non-hacked] Yut was distributed.  Sadly, I don’t know what the Korean holiday was, but オレンジ was kind enough to send me a Yut!  Then, not too long after, a Korean DLC was released – a Flower Bouquet!  Again, オレンジ was my hero and sent me a copy of that too!

Korean Items!

The Yut is not orderable, but the Flower Bouquet is!  So if you’d like me to send you this Korean exclusive Flower Bouquet, please leave a comment and I’ll send it over to you!  Or you could try to visit Shaolin, since I have one in the DLC area by the gate!  😛

That’s all the news I have to report from Shaolin for now!  Keep your eyes peeled for the Contest Winners post that will be up in a few days!  Come back and check out the winners, and tell them what you think of their photos!  🙂

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