DLC Day!

Last night, I opened the gates to share the new dalmatian model DLC from Europe. Here’s what it looks like:

Dalmatian Model

I think it’s so cute!  But why is the puppy checking out his own ass?  Whatever…  lol!

A few friends came by to pick up a copy of the new Nintendog.  Miao arrived first, and we chatted about one of our favorite games on Facebook, called Restaurant City.  Everyone should check it out, it’s a lot of fun!  And don’t forget to add me on Facebook!  XP

Next, Hery arrived.  He was so happy to get the last Nintendog!  And then he did something very surprising, he dropped an item.  “New US DLC!” he exclaimed!  Apparently Pete had dropped off the new DLC early?  (I haven’t received anything from Pete… but anyway…)  It’s the Election Day DLC.  Everyone in America has been dreading what this new item might be.  A voting booth?  A dimpled chad?  Uncle Sam pointing at you?

Actually, the new DLC is an Election Poster:

Vote for Tortimer???

Sigh…  I guess it could have been worse, though.  I think the poster is pretty dumb though… considering nobody ever tries to run for office other than Tortimer!  And it’s not like we ever actually get to VOTE on who is running our dear AC towns anyway!  😛

Later on, Orenji came by as well!  He was thrilled that not only could he get the dalmatian, but he was able to catalog Hery’s surprising new DLC!  Then, after everyone else left, Orenji and I went around town hitting rocks looking for a pill bug for Agent S.  No suck luck.  DARNED ROCKS!!!


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