EU DLC: Dalmatian Model

The final Nintendog has been released!  It’s a Dalmatian model!  I don’t have a photo yet (only just ordered them, waiting for them to arrive by mail!) but in the catalog it looked REALLY cute!  I heart dalmatians!

I ordered about 6 for my “regular visitors.”  I’ll open the Shaolin Gates tonight at 11PM if you want to come pick up a model for yourself!

Sorry for the short post.  I am working on making a grand invitation for the Shaolin Halloween Party!  So look for another entry from me shortly!  lol 🙂

Squirt is a Celebrity!
Squirt is a Celebrity!

6 thoughts on “EU DLC: Dalmatian Model

  1. Hello Gluxbox! 😀
    Thanks for visiting my site and I’ll also add your AWESOME site into my blogroll!
    How long have you been blogging about AC? You look the same addicted as me, haha xP
    Btw, Yuki is my character only for adults and I’m playing regularly with Yuki every Tuesday evening 8PM my time (Germany is GMT +1h) and sometimes also on other days, but that’s random.
    Nevertheless I hope to see you soon, you look really nice ^^

    1. gluxbox

      LOL oh yes I’m quite addicted to both ACCF and ACWW! I started this blog around the beginning of December 2008, and I’m proud to say that I’ve been (pretty much) blogging consistently ever since! I’m glad you like my site!

      I’ve had WW for a few years but I just recently restarted my town fresh. So all my characters are poor and are wishing they still had gold tools! LOL oh well. I hope we can WIFI on WW next Tuesday! Let me know on Twitter if your gate is open! Thanks. 😛

  2. I wish I could stop by for your Halloween party! I don’t know if anyone would be interested in a post Halloween party (been there done that, lol) but I was thinking of trying to host one when I get back from Mexico.

    I will have so much catching up to do!

  3. I will be there tonight. Thanks for ordering the cute dog model for us.
    I would like to join a Halloween party in ac, if the time is not suitable, then I perhaps go to Vella’s post party. 🙂

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