It’s the month I’ve been waiting for all year.  The last month that I have not yet experienced in AC:CF.  There’s quite a few events this month:

  • 10/4:  Autumn Moon Festival
  • 10/10:  Fishing Tourney
  • 10/12:  Explorer’s Day  (I guess the explorer shall remain nameless?  It’s not Gulliver, I’ll tell ya that lol!)
  • 10/25:  Flea Market
  • 10/31:  Halloween!

To get ready for the big holiday at the end of the month, a mysterious character named Jack sent out a super cool letter:


It was like when Jingle sent out his early Christmas cards last year!  Now I have all month to wait in anticipation for the big day!  I was pretty psyched.  Then I noticed what color the grass had turned today…

Lima Bean Green
Lima Bean Green

If for some strange reason you don’t notice a difference… scroll down to a previous post of mine and compare the color of the grass.  Last month, Vella had dubbed the color of the grass as “puke green.”  This month, I have decided to call it “lima bean green.”  I don’t think it can get much worse than this!  My guess is that later this month or come November, the grass will turn completely brown.  I walked on this new dying grass and it makes a similar crunching sound to that “pile of leaves” DLC we got recently.  So I promptly got off the grass and vowed only to walk on the grass if totally necessary.

When I went to Nookington’s, I noticed something was a little different on the ground floor.  On the aisle that normally contained only tools, I saw a piece of candy!

Candy on Sale
Candy on Sale

This means that we are all supposed to be stocking up on candy for Halloween.  Just like real life!  I still have some candy left over from Festivale, but I’d rather play it safe and just have as much candy as possible.  So I’ll be buying this candy every day for the entire month!

Speaking of months… I got the new monthly charm for Shaolin:

I have revealed for you a hidden charm that enhances financial fortunes.  Yesss…  You must catch a dab in Shaolin.

I’ve never seen this kind of charm before.  I can’t imagine exactly what Katrina means by “enhancing financial fortunes.”  If you shake a tree, maybe more money falls out?  Perhaps money finds you some other way?  I don’t know.  You’ll have to come to Shaolin, catch a dab and tell me what happens!  😀

4 thoughts on “Oktoberfest!

  1. Jay "FNG" (aka Theodore Wilfred Vermaas)

    You have a lot of hybrids in your town. I have attempted to make hybrids, but I have failed at every time, but what’s important is it’s my town. Wow….

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