Hidden and Sought

Gold Roses c/o Miao
Gold Roses c/o Miao

I’d like to thank Miao for sharing her gold roses with me!  She dropped off a ton of them a few nights ago.  Now I have so many, I don’t know what to do with them!  That’s a good thing.  XD

Galas Packed
Gala's Packed

Yesterday I got the official notice from Gala that she was leaving.  Everything was packed, including her precious hinangyo… though I’m not exactly sure how she fit it in one of those boxes.  Today I received a letter from Gala, saying her farewells.  It’s time for a new neighbor!  Exciting!

What’s a good way to fix your start-of-autumn boredom?  Hide and Seek!  For two days in a row, Squirt was asked to participate in Hide and Seek with the townies.  Either I’ve been getting better at it, or they’ve been getting worse.  What do you think?

Bunny Ears... literally.
Bunny Ears... literally.
Broccolos Technique:  Hide behind the house next door.
Broccolo's Technique: Hide behind the house next door.
He was really hiding behind a tree, but its funnier this way.
He was really hiding behind a tree, but it's funnier this way.
Im obviously a pro.
I'm obviously a pro.
Aha, I won again!
Aha, I won again!

I won both the games.  I don’t know if this is just a coincidence, but both times I won, I was given a gyroid.  It just so happened that when I checked the gyroids with Brewster, they were ones I needed for my collection.  (My boyfriend says Squirt can’t retire until I get all the gyroids too lol!)  So don’t hold me to this, but it’s possible that when you win Hide and Seek, the townies will give you a gyroid that you need.

In other news, Shaolin hasn’t been looking it’s best lately.  I planted trees and I’ve started lining my paths with flowers, but some of my neighbors aren’t impressed.  Ruby was commenting on the amount of weeds in our town.  I guess I keep missing some in my daily rounds… but then Ruby started going on about a town overseas in the Netherlands.

Famous Firdawsi
Famous Firdawsi

But I guess Ruby’s just a small town girl at heart!  😛

In other news, I changed the main path colors to be something a little more “fall-like.”

Autumn Paths
Autumn Paths

I’m hoping the dark red will go well with the grass when it turns brown.  Maybe it won’t look good… if so I’ll change it again. ww!  But I think the grass will change soon, possibly tomorrow when October starts, so I just wanted to be prepared.

Before I go, I just want to announce that I’ll be opening the gates to Shaolin this SATURDAY, 10/3 9:30 PM for another K.K. Concert!  No RSVP necessary.  Stop by if you want to come and join the fun!  I think that’s the same day as the Autumn Moon festival in Japan, so I might have some extra Japanese exclusive Dango items for my guests!  And I also have a few paintings and Saharah rare items lying around by the gate, so come and visit Shaolin on Saturday night!  🙂

3 thoughts on “Hidden and Sought

  1. tirovonne

    LOL @ Ruby!!!!

    She has very good taste if she thinks my town is famous!

    Squirt’s Mario room is showing at my HRA at the moment. Lyle is very impressed with the room.

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