A Letter From Blathers

Yesterday was a busy day so I wasn’t able to log in until night time.  But I was very excited about it, because I knew Tortimer would be waiting for me!  It was time for the Golden Fishing Rod Ceremony, held in front of Squirt’s house.

Gimme that Golden Fishing Rod!
Gimme that Golden Fishing Rod!

I was very happy to accept this fabulous prize, even though I’d gotten one through the black market last year.  A part of me was kind of sad, since now Squirt won’t be getting any further surprise visits from the mayor.  It seems that Tortimer, however, was glad to have completed his chore for the day.

Hes a lazy old fart.
He's a lazy old fart.

It’s not like his schedule is jam-packed with stuff.  He’s usually dozing off in the Town Hall.  Anyway…

A new neighbor finally moved in!

Blue Jay
Blue Jay

He’s a blue Jay.  Great, now I have two BIRDS in Shaolin.  Although Jay is a rather small little guy, and Apollo is a huge eagle.  But still, birds all the same.  We’ll see how long Jay lasts.  I do have to say that I was very pleased with his house placement – he moved next door to Elise, in a completely unchartered area for a house!  He lives in the space just south of Nookington’s.  I was very glad to only add one footprints tile to connect his home to the main road.  Thanks for choosing a different spot than usual, Jay!

My good friend Miao also came by to visit last night, bringing with her a few of the shirts I needed for my catalog!  Thank you Miao!  Sadly, we couldn’t hang out for very long since it was late, so I forgot to take a picture!  😦

After Miao left, I realized that the mail had arrived, full of items I’d ordered from Nook to help Vella with her own catalog.  Then I found one letter I hadn’t expected – a notice from Blathers??!?!?!

A Letter from Blathers
A Letter from Blathers

Honestly, I really wasn’t expecting anything from Blathers, other than the wonderful speech I posted yesterday.  So imagine my surprise when I received this letter, with a present attached!  Included was the Museum Model, which I’ve been needing to finish my “miniature town” room.  (That room has been under construction for a while, and is currently being used as bug storage.)  Strangely, the Prima Guide says that the Museum Model can be obtained as a Spotlight Item through Nook’s store.  Now I’m pretty sure that information is incorrect.  The guide also says the Town Hall Model can be found as a Spotlight Item… and I’m having doubts on the validity of that as well.  Does anyone know the actual way to get the Town Hall Model?  Maybe you have to donate enough money to get all the feathers?  If anyone can shed some light on this subject, please post a comment or email me!  Thanks!

Museum Model
Museum Model

4 thoughts on “A Letter From Blathers

  1. Sarah

    Congrats! 😀

    Apparently you receive the Town Hall Model after your town has existed for a year! 🙂

    Oh if you are willing to have new visitors, I’d love to visit Shaolin sometime and hang out with Squirt or Deb too! ^^ You can also visit TotoTown (and my character Nana!) but it’s only been around for a little bit…not much to see LOL except maybe fresh grass! ^o^

  2. Jay "FNG" (aka Theodore Wilfred Vermaas)

    I didn’t know you would get a letter from Blathers. I thought you would need to talk to him to get the Museum model after completing the museum. Odd…

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