4th of July!

Today is Independence Day!  Americans across the country are celebrating with barbeques, fireworks and getting drunk!  Wahoo!!

Since new DLC was set to be released for July 4th, I invited Chokomaru and Orange-san to visit Shaolin in the morning.  However, I wanted to show them how we do things on Independence Day here in America!  So last night, I decided to go across the border and pick up a case or two of FIREWORKS!

Welcome to Oasiss
Welcome to Oasiss

The town I visited was called Oasiss.  Trina lives there, and she is a friend of Zelda’s!  I was very excited to check out the wares in Trina’s black market!  Her town was SUPER cute.  I realized that hacked towns are excellent for finding bugs.  Well, beetles specifically.  Why, you might ask?  Because hacked towns have trees EVERYWHERE.  And in very close proximity.  So that means, rows of trees!  Which results in a much larger chance of finding the bug that you need!  I managed to catch a Giant Beetle that was needed for my museum!  Wahoo!  Oasiss was very cool.  There were entire fields full of money bags!  Pastures full of hybrid flowers, ready to be plucked!  She also had a Lighthouse, and a Windmill!  I’ve really been trying to decide which to get for Shaolin.  I think I’m going to get a Lighthouse, because as my friend said “Windmills look stupid by the beach!”  Very true.

I had a lot of fun looking around in Oasis!  I’ll post many more photos in the future, since I’m sure I’ll be visiting there often!  (You can find more pics from the trip on my Flickr page)  Trina was so nice, and she said she’ll help me get the remaining paintings I need for my museum!  Thanks, Trina!  Before I left, I managed to pick up a TON of illegal fireworks to smuggle into Shaolin.  My 4th of July party was set up for success!

This morning I woke up super early to open the gates for my Japanese buddies!  Thankfully NOA didn’t mess things up, and I was greeted by Pete at the front door!  He had a letter from Nintendo for me, hooray!  New DLC!

New DLC!
New DLC!

Of course, they appropriately used Hamburger paper to send us the new DLC, which is a Hot Dog Hat!  It’s HUGE and hilarious.  I have been wearing it all day!  Quickly, I logged into my other characters and got my spare hats to give to my friends overseas!  (They are also orderable, so if you’re an overseas reader and want this item, let me know and I can order it for you!)  Not long after that, Chokomaru and Orenji ran through the gates!  They were shocked by the number of fireworks I had waiting by the gate.  I had to show them how we celebrate here in the USA!


It was great!  I showed them my newly added beetles in the Museum, and gave them a tour of my new room layouts.  Then we practiced some Japanese and I was reminded to visit Chibikuro on 7/7, which is Starcrossed Day.  I don’t know what kind of holiday it is, but I’m sure Tortimer will explain it!  He’ll be giving out Bamboo Grass at the Town Hall.  I already have a bunch of those, but it will be nice to get one directly from the Mayor!  🙂

3 thoughts on “4th of July!

  1. Looks like you had a great fourth celebration! I think fireworks are illegal in Doomdoom. There aren’t any around… The hot dog had seems a little outrageous without fireworks and beer. LOL.

  2. Sorry, I missed the fun party.
    I alwasy thought your Japanese friends will come in the evening, and I went out to watch fireworks with family till very late.
    Will see you soon.

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