Is that so, Curly?  Maybe thats what that smell is...
Is that so, Curly? Maybe that's what that smell is...

WOO it’s raining!  No watering for me!  And I got a letter from Mom today, it said:  “It’s started…  The itching…  The sneezing…  The runny nose…  Spring is in the air!  It’s not all bad!  -Mom”.  And attached was a doctor’s mask.  OK, thanks Mom!  It’s a little weird cuz Deb got this same letter from Mom a few days ago.  In fact, Deb gets letters from Mom all the time it seems.  

Hmm there’s another Spotlight Item on sale today.  Black king.  Grrr give me the ones I am still looking for, Nook!

Daisy was trying to explain Feng Shui to me.  She said you put red items on the east side of the room to improve your “material fortune.”  I was hoping she’d explain what the yellow and green sides represented, but she just gave me the old “You really should try Feng Shui!” and wouldn’t go on about the rest.  Stupid dog.

After a while, I got antsy and checked the gate.  I heard word that somewhere across the country, Higarden had managed to not only jump to the future (July) but also jumped forward by 5 hours or so.  In other words, her town was in June at night!  Perfect time to catch bugs!  I hustled on over to get some for myself!

At first I didn’t really see anything.  But as the night grew later, I started seeing more and more enormously large bugs appearing on trees.  If you leave them alone, they start swinging back and forth in a cute way.  But if you come too close, they buzz and fly away.  I didn’t know beetles could fly, but whatever.

Its a Golden Stag Beetle!
It's a Golden Stag Beetle!

I ended up doing REALLY well, I caught a Fruit Beetle, Dynastid Beetle, Saw Stag Beetle, Golden Stag Beetle, Oak Silk Moth, Miyama Stag Beetle, Rainbow Stag Beetle, Cyclommatus, Goliath Beetle, Puffer Fish, Emperor Butterfly and an Elephant Beetle.  But then of course, when I was attempting to show off the Elephant Beetle to Vella, I accidentally released it!!!  NOOOOO!!  Now I guess I’ll have to wait until it’s actually July to catch one for the Museum!  Oh, and I caught a Blue Marlin which I’m saving for the Fishing Tourney, in hopes that you need to catch large fish and not a specific kind.  We’ll see!

Its so pretty!
It's so pretty!

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