Yay Nookington’s is open for business!  It looks wierd without Shampoodle inside, I kind of wish they had added something else on that wall so it wouldn’t just be, well, blank.  Oh well!

Joan was selling white turnips for 100 bells.  I bought two batches of 50 again.  She also had a red turnip seed packet, which further confirms my ‘reset the Wii clock’ theory.  

My HRA score was 144,700 this week.  I was a little disappointed, because it was 168K last week.  I’m assuming it went down because I have an incomplete Cabin Series in the second floor room.  Despite this, however, my room was featured once again in the HRA Headquarters in the city!  Yay!  I want to figure out which of my friends can see my room in their HRA HQ.  I’m still not sure how that works.  

That’s about all to report today, since it’s Sunday, again no turnip prices.  😛

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